[03x05] November 23rd, 2003

The Toyota Hilux Toughness Challenge on UKTV uses various pieces from the extrememusic.com library for both this and the subsequent episode. The following tracks are used extensively:-

"Butch Accidy" by Menthol Man / Ad Man

You're a star, Scorch! :)
I'd been looking for that song for ages. Couldn't get it out of my head!

Brilliant web site anyway. Keep finding more and more songs that have been used in TG. Funny how you listen to the music and a particular scene in a particular TG episode crops up in your head. Talk about watching the show too much... :lol:
The song is 3:39- 4:31,


This has been bugging me since i 1st seen this episode, when i watched it on Dave a few days ago it has only rekindled my need to find this song, pleeeeeeease help!!!
Oh mate thank you sooooo much, you don't know how long i'v been searching for this track.

Your a God!
What is the song that is playing every time they check to see if the Hilux survived what they did to it? More specifically it is the music playing when Jeremy is surveying the damage after they run it into a tree.
What's this song?

What's this song?

Gday everyone,

I love this particular episode, and the hilux bit is one of my all time favourites. Could someone please tell me if they know what the song is when the hilux washes up on the shore, just after the guys went out to find it? I recall somebody saying "Street Spirit" by Radiohead, but I end up with a different song, one that does not match that excellent guitar riff.

Please if anyone knows, could you let me in on it?

Thanks in advance
Seems like you guys completely skipped a song here, no idea how, it's the first song that plays during the RX-8 segment (even the whole show, maybe).

Carebear.Ben asked about it and was ignored. I'm gonna ask again and I hope somebody can find it.

Once again, here's the segment ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRiPSlx8PxA ), it's the first song that plays, 0:15 to be exact.
The early episodes have not been completed yet, so there are likely to be a lot of songs missing. Eventually we will have them all complete.

The song at 0:15 in the video is not the original music from the episode. It sounds like production music probably from ExtremeMusic.com.
Im looking for the same song as elcarajo. its at 3:30 for the youtube video. where the hilux is submerged by the waves. i soo badly want to know what it is. PLZ help :?

Waddell/Parnell - 2nd Wind.
You can find it at extrememusic.com -> get trax -> twisted -> composer -> waddell/parnell -> album name: "Big" -> "2nd wind".
what's the song that starts at 8:30 and extends to 9:10 or so? It's when he's driving the corrado