[03x06] December 7th, 2003

The times are off for me as well.... but not to worry, I have a complete list w/ the correct times. All previous specials including this one will eventually be updated.
well the times are off for me too. does anyone know the techno-sounding song that comes on as jeremy introduces the MGSV? the bit where its just showing a screenshot of the car with the sunrising in the background, right at the start of its roadtest.

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19:51 - 20:25: The Notwist - One Step Inside Doesn't Mean You Understand
I just found another song. It's during the aston martin review when teh camera pans across the engine, right before the first brassband song. It's a pretty sick guitar riff played by T rex. the song is 20th century boy by trex. Mod, your probably going to have to look this up and fit it to where you think it belongs but i think it belongs in the timestamp right after the sabres
15:20 - 15:50 - UNKLE - An eye for an eye

I seem to have some timing issues but, before the whole "pufter" thing with the TC switching off in the Monaro, the song is Propellerheads - Spybreak.

Faster black Monaro, Apollo 440 - Altamont super-highway revisited

Black Monaro vs Jaguar - Propellerheads - Bang on!
Well it's a version of it I've never heard before so I don't know what they're calling it. But the song at 45:24 (when the introduce the Jaguar for the race) is some choir version of the Jupiter symphony piece by Gustav Holst.
Hi, does anybody know the short theme right after James says "Play It", at the beginning of the last Hilux scene when the final countdown begins? thanks!
what's the name of the song played at 37:29 - ... when they're reviewing Holden Monaro?

-- nevermind, got it.
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whats the orchestral music when james may finishes testing out that little red car? heard it a few times before but never found out who composed it

lasts about 8 seconds/chorus
cabrio review

cabrio review

Does anyone know what plays at the end of cabrio review ~ 15:20? Thank you!
The first two on the list are by DJ Krush: Four Elements from the album Code 4019