[03x06] December 7th, 2003

What's the song playing at ~11:43, when the ferry docks and the cars get off?
Well it's a version of it I've never heard before so I don't know what they're calling it. But the song at 45:24 (when the introduce the Jaguar for the race) is some choir version of the Jupiter symphony piece by Gustav Holst.

I just happened to re-watch this episode recently, and being a fan of Jupiter, this caught my ears immediately. This beautiful piece is a reworked excerpt of Jupiter that is actually known as the British patriotic song, "I Vow to Thee, My Country" and you can hear it here on youtube:

Surely not gonna revive the thread but after of years of looking around, at least now I think I have the closest to what resembles to that track. However I am still not completely sure is this one.

Right at the begining of the Monarchs review
From Mexican band; "Kinky - The Headphonist"

27:14 - 27:50

Puff daddy - come with me (but original version is Led Zeppelin - Kashmir)
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Does anyone know what the song is at 13:30-13:45 during Hammonds Renault and Peugeot review, right after he says "These two are going to sell in their billions" ?
Looking for song from Renault Peugeot review with whistling
At around 12:23
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What's the music playing at 6:07?
It's not DJ Krush ft. Esthero - Final Home