[03x07] December 14th, 2003

Hi guys, I'm new on this forum and I'm looking for a song which you can hear when Jeremy is talking about MG SV. Just talking, not driving. I couldn't find it here. Some people says it is Plastic Dreams and some of their remixes but I think it isn't. I played a lot of remixes of Plastic Dreams and any of them wasn't that song which I'm searching. And sorry for my bad English and mistakes ;)
I was just watching that episode and came on here to find out the same thing. It is the song right after Beethoven's Ode to Joy, but I have no clue as to what it is.
I think it's something similar to Jean Michelle Jare. Who knows, help please.
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Hello, THe Oaf, have you managed to find that trancey track with "give it to me" vocal sample? Because I'm trying so hard to do so, but get zero...
Forgive the Spanish Dub, but this is the only snippet of the song i'm after i could find.

The tune starts at 0:29 (The very first song in the MG film) It's replaced all the spots originally filled by Jaydee - Plastic Dreams.

Thought it might jog some memories if i posted it.

I must admit that it took few years but finally I found the name of the alternative song!
It's "Agent Jay-R - Give It 2 Me" and I was so obsessed with it that I cannot simply describe my happiness:D
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Any idea as to what the instrumental is that plays both before and after jeremey decides to walk rather than drive the cayenne anymore?
Old incomplete list has now been updated and samples added

00:34 - 00:53 - Beethoven - Symphony No. 9 in D Minor - Ode to Joy
01:10 - 01:34 - Beethoven - Symphony No. 5 in C Minor - Allegro Con Brio
03:43 - 03:49 - The Dust Brothers - Corporate World
04:40 - 05:04 - Propellerheads - Bang On!
06:45 - 07:00 - Ry Cooder - She?s Leaving the Bank
10:47 - 11:37 - DJ Zinc - You Follow
41:19 - 41:58 - Ralph Vaughan Williams - The Lark Ascending
42:04 - 42:55 - The Darkness - Black Shuck
47:46 - 48:43 - Ronald Binge - Sailing By