[03x07] Jaunary 29, 2013

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Nov 8, 2011
Am I bored, or what?


College Cars

The guys find the same model cars they drove in college and then head south of the border on an epic spring break road trip through Mexico to determine whose ride is the best college car. They tackle the tough streets of Tijuana and the treacherous mountain trails of the Baja Peninsula on their journey to reach the party town of San Felipe on the Sea of Cortez.

It doesn't sound like there's any studio stuff going on.
That would explain that picture of Tanner and some cute latina chick covered in cake on his bookface page a few months back...
No. Season 3 was always designed as sixteen episodes, six before the holidays, ten after. So this is 03x07.
On second thought, this does seem like it's of "special" quality (like Alaska), because the trip is over 1,000 miles.
Just watched Top Gear UK last night and thought it was average at best. Cannot wait for season three to continue with Top Gear US on Tuesday. Wondering if Tuesdays show tops what big brother did Sunday if maybe youth is being served and maybe it is time to change presenters on UK version of show. just a thought I will have while I am watching US version on Tuesday.
I felt the same way, thought the Series 19 premiere was average at best. Nothing horribly wrong with it, just not fresh. A lot of rehashes and with each presenter doing their own film it lacked much entertainment. I mean how do you make a film with a Pagani boring?

Looks like TG: US is sticking with their "Group challenge, winner gets to drive something special" format.
I'd loved the season so far. Just hope they're not overdoing it with these roadtrips. They are getting better and better so far, but at some time you will reach the climax, the possibility for epic challenges is not endless. Still, im pretty much looking forward to it. I hope the rip will be out soon after airing, so that i can watch it this night.
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