[03x09] March 8, 2019 - Aston, Astronauts and Angelina's Children

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Feb 18, 2007
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In this episode, Richard Hammond is at the track in the new Aston Martin V8 Vantage, James May looks back at the cars of the legendary Apollo astronauts, and Jeremy Clarkson embarks on a series of elaborate and extremely thorough tests to prove that the Citroen C3 Aircross is spacious, practical and better than an elephant.
9 for me.

Went in expecting a disappointing episode, was blown away by the Aston Martin review and the Corvette/Astronauts piece.

Conversation street was OK, and the whole thing was a 10 until Jeremy's film. It was funny, not cringy, but just a bit too silly, so -1, for a final score of 9.
Loved this episode. Conversation street was probably the funniest yet this season. The Astronaut film was brilliant - not quite as good as Hammonds Jim Clark piece, but damn good. The Aston film was brilliantly shot and is such a pretty car. Clarkson's piece was enjoyable as well.
Nice Vantage review, and though I think it's nice enough, I still don't like the look of it as much as the Astons of a few years ago. (the one Doug DeMuro had looked perfect!) The Vulcan is one thing, but this...I dunno. (I did prefer the dark one on the lap) The front seems a bit lacking, especially where the headlights are concerned, and the back, well, I'll never be able to not see this...


Biggest laugh of the show:
"How long have you been driving?"
"One month." :D

The NASA Corvettes feature was fun, though could've been more Corvettey for my tastes.

The Citroen piece was a lot of fun. I always enjoy the goofier ones which somehow also manage to inform. Lots of nice touches in this one, including the masks of the men in that awesome Pantera, and the hair dye quip. Oh, and Dyson!

Super solid episode overall. I'll give it an 8.
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Guys does anyone know the BGM at 2:35 and 7:20 from Hammond's AM Vantage review?

Edit: found it: 2:35 - Blanck Mass - Loam
7:20 - Editors - Hallelujah (So Low)
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I liked the review of hammond, although in relation to the car, I do not agree with him of the car being beautiful (it's ugly), among others things ...
Conversation street was good, the best of the season so far.
May's segment was ... mehhhh.
The Citroen segment, of course, was Jeremy's typical "consumers advice" as he did with the Ford Fiesta, Renault Twingo, Skoda Yeti, ... in the past. I really enjoyed this last part, since it was the best of the entire episode.
It deserves a solid 7/10
10/10. No real complaints.

Aston was good, that is not beautiful, I find the Alfa Romeo 8C beautiful and this just isn’t. rest is really good, the car look modern on the inside. The engine sounds like you took your stereo and cranked bass as far back as possible. :D

Conversation street, top notch

NASA corvette segment. Well done. They found footage that I haven’t seen before. I’m not a fan of corvettes but I understand their popularity now.

Jeremy’s Citroen segment. Intentional messing about. I can only imagine the French police officer was dreamed up by Porter and Clarkson. :D

Aston review good (though the car is ugly), conversation street funny, astronaut film could have been replaced by a single trivia sentence about the $1 Corvette leases, and Clarkson's film was just dumb.
What? Nobody's been complaining that Jeremy was throwing food out of a car while people are hungry in other parts of the world? :-D

I gave it 9/10 because it had the right mix of information, entertainment and silliness. Felt like Top Gear in its heydays.

And yes, the Aston is a minger. But since it's an Aston, they'll always say it's beautiful :rolleyes:
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Meh, rehash and Jameses was out of place. Seemed like a bbc2 documentary... Not a fluff car piece.
9/10 for me.

The Aston Vantage review was brilliantly filmed and for the first time this season, the background music was actually good. I'm not a big fan of the new Vantage but I like it more now than I did before. Also some of the parts gave me strong Top Gear C7 Corvette Stingray vibes (go watch that review and you'll know what I mean).

Conversation street was great this time. A few genuine laughs and all three of them seemed to be enjoying it.

NASA and Corvette film was amazing. This is something my whole family can watch (they usually don't watch the car stuff) and not get bored. And the final bit where James drove Neil Armstrong's C2 Stingray was eye candy to me.

Citroen review was a hit and miss. The speed test, ship towing test and final mountain climb was great. But the rest was not. They had an opportunity to do something interesting with the Pantera (as even today it's somewhat obscure) but instead wasted it in the chase. Still, overall a great episode for me.
I have to give this episode a 10. It may not have been 10-perfect in every way, but really, it had everything I've ever wanted and bitched about on here for in an episode. I really liked the documentary piece, entertaining and informative. Some great car reviews, some belly laughs. I've found myself enjoying Jeremy's humor more than ever lately and his review was great. The Dyson bit at the end was also excellent. I haven't reviewed any episodes for this season but I've mostly been impressed, everyone is doing a good job.
Aston Martin Vantage review was beautifully made, with a gorgeous car.

Conversation Street was good

NASA/Corvette film was very very good

The last one.. Come on. This nonsense is everything that is wrong with S1 Grand Tour and anything Top Gear the last 5 years. My god it's awful.
Still, Top Gear is a lot worse so I can't really complain, but Andy: Please: Stop this.
Nice review from Hammond, brilliant piece from May and another dumb attempt at comedy from Clarkson. 6/10 after that last bit and I really wish I had stopped hoping for something genuinely funny from the baboon.
10 from me. Proper laughing moments. The astronaut/Corvette segment was great. The Aston clip was pretty good. Got some laughs from the Citroen film.
7/10 with the good and bad taken into account. Liked the callback to the Peugeot drivers ep of TG (which as I look it up was S22E05, just two weeks before The Fracas™), but the rest of that segment was dumb. Astronaut Corvette mini-doc by James was ok, but it wasn't Jim Clark by any means of the imagination. I'm glad Aston are one of the few companies that never abandoned their styling vestiges, so that the new cars are still easily recognizable as Astons with the badges removed. As I speak it's the 3rd weakest ep of S7 on my rankings sheet, but not necessarily a bad episode.