[03x10] March 15, 2019 - The Youth Vote

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Jul 20, 2009
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Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May compare the VW Polo GTI, Ford Fiesta ST and Toyota Yaris GRMN at the track before attempting to make these cars more appealing to young people. Also in this show, Hammond and May compare the Lamborghini Countach and the Ferrari Testarossa.
The first half was funny but the second half, it just felt flat & boring except for James May unboxing. I don't know why was it rushed & ended abruptly, should have made it longer episode.
Surprisingly, one of the most amusing episodes of this series.

Also, I'm among the 330,000 who watched May unboxing the Toyota. I've laughed all the way through the unboxing segment during the episode.
The conversation street - another lame, pretending to be dumb, beating the horse about electric cars , so badly repetitive over the years, it's sickening. How much more can these guys dumb it down? Is there a limit?

The humane centipede jokes were absolute bottom of already bad show, these jokes are done better by 12 year olds at 4Chan, or at random Youtube comment section. We now have 3 adults, seemingly not stupidest humans on the planet, sitting in the studio, pretending to be dumber, less developed than a 12 year olds, exchanging human centipede jokes. I feel sorry for people who pay to watch this on Prime! Now deleting all Top Gear classic episodes, I can't watch these clowns a moment longer, they are plainly taking a piss, knowingly humiliating their audience. No more, I'm out.
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Fuck me, who took the jam out of your doughnut?

Don't let the door hit you in your arse on the way out. :tease:
Harry Metcalfe's Countach and Testarossa, it annoys me that they do the laps in the wet then complain about how slow they were. According to Harry they did laps in the dry too, either way it would't have been a problem to borrow them long enough to do timed laps on dry surface, would have med the segment perfect.
Let's see:
The 80's clash between Countach and Testarossa, was reasonably good.
The conversation street was boring.
And the Hot Hatchbacks segments was mehhhhh.
Also I didn't like when they cut every single time into the tent, when a challenge (instagram,youtube,etc) was finished. I mean couldn't they put into a single video segment?
Although that scoreboard at the end, brought back some good memories.
Gave it a 6/10 because i'm being generous today.
I didn't remember how much views the unboxing video had when I watched it but I had a feeling that James May had one simply because I had actually found it and watched it. I think I saw the advert for this episode and thought "so THATS why he was unboxing a car".
The Contach/Testarossa video was pretty cool as well even though I think that wing is ridiculous and the car looks better without it.
Loved the Testarossa and got to see one in the late 80s at a car show, but I don't think it has aged as well as some others of the era. Still looks great at the back, though! Countach, though, is amazing in any era. I think back to Jason Dawe on Top Gear doing the segment where they took all the current supercars to a school. The kids liked them, but when the Countach pulled in, they went nuts. I have a feeling that would still happen now! :) I agree with Richard on this one. Testarossa will always be cool, but Countach was the ultimate supercar excess of the day.

Hadn't really thought of it before, but Richard's weird introductions to Conversation Street are sort of like the ol' "some say..."

"Having drunk his spectacles..." :) Never thought I'd hear that...ever.

The youth challenge thingies were a mixed bag. The "pap" section was basically unoriginal filler. The Instagram thing was meh. Richard's YouTube vids were a'ight (the tightrope thing was actually pretty cool), I saw the unboxing before on the unemployment tube, and David Souffle was...a character played by Jeremy. Not surprised at the final numbers.

Not a great episode, but solid enough. I'll give it a 6.
Countach vs Testarossa test was great. Usually Hammond takes the Ferrari and James the Lamborghini so I was surprised to see them switch this time.

The intro to conversation street has become one of my favourite things of GT because of how ridiculous each one is. The actual CS was just ok.

Hot hatch test was mix. It started out nicely and the race was quite enjoyable but then the challenges (other than Hammond's stunts) were silly and predictable I'd say. The only real highlight was James's unboxing and yes the scoreboard at the end (brought back some good memories). Overall a 9/10.
This series is really solid so far. Another good episode. Top Gear always has episodes like this one—it’s silly, but nothing cringy like earlier grand tour stuff; it’s genuine banter and it’s funny and enjoyable.
Started well, faded very badly. Hot hatch section was a waste of three cars and the last bit dragged interminably and wasn’t in the least bit funny.