[03x12] March 5, 2013

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Nov 8, 2011
"Adam's Show"

We find out what goes on in Adam's head as he takes control of the show and gets to do whatever he wants. First he tries to teach Tanner and Rut how to play football--with an automotive twist. Then he reveals his own concept car designed to protect you against the worst things on the road--other drivers. Finally, he gets behind the wheel of the legendary Ford GT40 and puts a bizarre twist on the classic Le Mans race where Ford beat Ferrari, with an unsuspecting Rutledge at the wheel of the Ferrari.

Great. An excuse for Adam to lose out on more actual road tests.
The football will be a demolition race, the "safe" car will be a demolition derby car covered in cushions, and the Le Mans "twist" will be a demolition race. After all, this is Adam we're talking about :D
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I hope this isnt as cringe worthy as it sounds, especially since the show seems to be improving immensly.
After seeing the preview I cringe at this episode. They refer Adam as the wrecker, so this episode pretty much means what he stands for. The football segment is a demolition derby and during that preview I picked out that Infiniti Q45 and Saab 93 (from the 150MPH challenge episode) in that demolition derby along with a 1996-99 Ford Taurus, all painted in yellow. I was hoping that rare Saab 93 Viggen was resold and did not have to be put into a demolition derby for entertainment values...ugh!

I rather see a demolition derby with some new cars i.e. using Chryslers, Hyundais and Kias
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Doesn't look good for the 9-3 Viggen...
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