[03x13] April 5, 2019 - GT Special: Survival of the Fattest

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Mar 22, 2019
Nissan GTR
In a special episode, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are dropped in the vast wilderness of Mongolia, then provided with some basic rations and all the flat-packed parts they need to build a vehicle which will provide their only chance of escape to civilization before they starve or strangle each other.

P.S. Apologies if there's another post for this but I did not see it and I must say - I am impressed.
Awesome episode! And finally.... not about annoying car breakdowns and leaving the other behind! Well done. Worth every second.
Really great Special.
It really felt like the Polar special, except this time, all three were accomplishing the same goal.
The scenery of Mongolia is simply astonishing.
The entire soundtrack of the episode was good too.
Also the music(Mogwai - Auto Rock) at the end on the recap of the special, was very well chosen. It reminded me of great memories of the TG US special (series 9)
Just a small point: Why did the sound editors choose the startup/engine of a generator, when they start the 4x4 for the 1st time?Really, was that necessary?

Anyway, may the next season be filled with great episodes like this one.
Started this one with no expectations at all (I didn't watch the trailer or read any news) but by the end was very pleased with how it turned out.

So many laughs, a bunch of surprises (including the lack of any major cringe moments, probably the biggest surprise), for once all three actually agreeing on some things and trying to accomplish a goal together, and stunning views. Mongolia is pretty amazing. I replayed several scenes just to see the scenery again. And yes, John was brilliant too. A very different than usual episode, and a great one. 10/10 from me.
Excellent 10/10
Seriously? Someone voted this a 2? This could be one of the great specials of either GT or TG. Polar Special and Botswana are possibly better than this, but it's marginal. Certainly this is top 3 and extremely enjoyable!
Certainly the best episode of the Grand Tour so far and a stark contrast from the final episode of the last series! I thought it did drag on a bit in places and some bits were entirely predictable, but overall very enjoyable.

An excellent episode. Still played to a lot of the standard gags & tropes but they were very understated and the guys' 'characters' were far less obvious than usual. And Mongolia is a gorgeous place, wow. I agree with most of the reviewers, one of their best overall and certainly at the top of Grand Tour episodes.
As I was finishing the episode I noticed something in the credits. It said something along the lines of "Location Fixers: Panoramic Journeys" I googled it and it appears to be a tour agency that specializes in unusual places like Mongolia. What's more, they have a "Grand Tour" that takes you on the same route as JC, JM, and RH took!


It's $22k if two people go and doesn't include plane tickets. If I had that kind of money to spend on a nine day trip then I certainly would. The landscapes in the episode were so beautiful, so it would be amazing to see them in person. Especially that the blokes were there and I saw it on TV first.

I haven't posted here in years, but figured I'll share the link in case anyone finds it interesting.

Edit: I was looking at the website again and you can be up to four in the vehicle, which comes out to $5,500 per person. It's not cheap, but if the experience is as good as I think it would be then it might not be that bad. That being said, four people would have to fight over who gets to drive!
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The scenery was spectacular, but the episode was a bit boring and repetitive. The sense of adeventure was pretty good though, I still like Vietnam, Botswana and Polar special, as well as the Bolivia/south america ep a lot more though. Also is John somehow equipped with an infinite petrol tank?
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Great special and great ending to a very good Season 3.
For me the last regular episode was the best of all of The Grand Tour. This Special isn't far behind
Very good episode; it makes you want to watch and rewatch. Mongolia is stunning and the trip was an adventure.

It falls short of a 10 for the rollover gag and James' unrealistic desire to plunge deep into a sketchy swamp just to end up bogged down in the mud.

But gets the rest from really telling or showing you several other facts and situations and tricks and possibilities and that incredible scenery.