[04x03] July 30th, 2021 - Lochdown


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Aug 1, 2006
The presenters are celebrating the great 70s American cars they saw in TV shows, as they road trip around Scotland, creating chaos on the streets of Edinburgh and building a homemade floating bridge across the Hebridean sea.
cool topic, I liked the political ending. I thought that was smart.

Otherwise a bit bland. Like so many more recent episodes, there is no sense of real adventure like Vietnam, Bolivia, Botswana.

The sense of journey or discovery is gone. It is drive A to B for some scripted task.

I bet they only went up there for clarksons bird watching.
I liked that very much, 3 of my favorite people, in my favorite part of the world driving my favorite kind of cars, what's not to love?
As I said on Telegram, this seemed like every non-studio segment that wasn't a review, from a TG season circa 2012/2013 and on paper it would be. There's a 'challenge' with old cars, a slightly pointless race, a tribute segment and some caravans. I haven't watched GT for years or bitched about it, so I'm going all out on this one. Spoilers!

Everything up to and including the race at Knockhill was good for me, it was funny seeing the yank tanks battle the plucky little Hillman Avenger and for once we weren't laughing at the British car. Great to see that they made the effort to bring Abbie in for this.

After this it went down hill a bit. This is probably the worst example of destroying/ruining classic cars I've ever seen in one episode of TG/GT. They've trashed a lot of newer cars and obvious poor examples before but the main challenge and first race combined take the cake. The BL episode is probably a close second, which is a shame as it's my favourite episode up to the ending. The Lincoln was a bit sketchy but the other two seemed like perfectly good examples at the beginning, they definitely aren't now! Don't get me started on the Lada and the Zastava, I'm just going to imagine that they were rusty beyond repair...

Tribute section was way too short and the ending of the challenge was not as funny as I was expecting (I was expecting the joke to be they were the only ones there and had been tricked into exiling themselves). I thought this would be something I'd go back to watch like the aforementioned BL episode but nah.

Edit: oh yeah the food bits were funny, I’ll give them that.
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Threatened to be a decent episode but after a solid start it just got boring. Shame since I enjoyed the other two specials.

Welcome back Stupid Richard!
Not one of their best ones, but watched anyway and don't feel beeing cheated. So solid OK for me. Russian cars? Only Lada out of those three was Russian.
Very old-school. The best parts were the hints at a larger world (like the ending) or at how people consider american cars and those who drive them, and the tribute to the muscle cars.

Nice pontoon thing and the couple of unscripted parts (the boat capsizing and Hammond's Charger exploding brake/rim).

Also, the scenery. Wow!
I did enjoy it but I found it to be a tiny bit anti climactic and I've grown a bit tired of the 3rd act let's destroy the cars, I mean uh modify them now bit.
What is Jeremy referencing when he refers to Richard as "Richard Blomquist" at 41:08 in this episode?