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[04x03] May 23rd, 2004


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Sep 21, 2003
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I'll release it tomorrow morning since it's late right now.
Yes, finally a Porsche set it's power lap time on a dry track.

But next week's episode is what I am looking forward to...
Carrera GT baby! :D
Not to be sound completely ignorant ...... but I am ...... what's this Jordan chick famous for?
Showing her boobs.
I downloaded this episode from somewhere else though I want to download Viper's since it is probably higher quality.

I must say it is probably the most entertaining Top Gear episode ever. I thought that would be nile impossible after the DB9 race, but this episode was hillarious with the 100 cars, the crashes, then Jordan, then the GT3 and CS. I agree 100% with Clarkson's statement, "I think a Ferrari is a scaled down version of God." :D

I would most definetly take the CS, it fits my personality and love for Ferrari perfectly.
^The only Ferraris I want begins with a F- and ends with a 200_.

I would take a 911 Turbo or GT2 or GT3 over the 360, 575, 612 and whatever other numbers that are out there.

I would take a Carrera GT over a F-60 Enzo.

And the horse in the Porsche badge is better. :wink:
Guys, I would say GT3 RS, 360 CS are almost a like. plus they both finished with the same lap times. If i had the money I would buy 360 CS just because its a Ferrari.
Is Ralf Schumacher married? Sounds like Jordan has slept around quite a bit. :|
Relase the file! I would have re-seeded the file 2m as i am going to be not home as both of my car need to be in the shop!
And i just found out, Jaguar DOES NOT give out loner cars.. this blows! My VW get loaner cars, but not a $50k Jaguar?!?
Zuhaib, I think you are in the wrong thread, no offense. It's just WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?
LoL, just a small rant at the same time i am waiting for viper007 to put up the link for TopGear May 23..
Released. :)
Thanks! :)

Damn, it's almost midnight here, seems I have to stay up till 3am or something! :?