[04x04] Dec 17th, 2021 - Carnage A Trois

I could have done without the c2v helicopter drop and a few more car reviews


I have a fantasy of importing one
I'm out of the loop, what's the problem with that in particular? Granted it wasn't a great special, but his role in it seemed quite small from the outside looking in. Is he the person responsible for so much of the cocking around and Top Gear Comedy? I haven't read his book.

I'm late and people have already stated. He adds too much TG Comedy, that nobody has ever laughed at.
I really enjoyed this one. It felt just like one of the retrospective episodes they've done on specific brands but for France as a whole, and without any of the studio bits. I laughed a lot and I think it might be one of the better Grand Tour episodes that they've ever made. The whole trip to the top of the mountain had me dying. The only thing I didn't like was the helicopter drop. It kinda reminds me of the way they used to treat the Morris Marina which even if it is a bad car, I always felt weird about. I don't like seeing classic cars destroyed in general.
I have harbored some similar sentients about Porter in the past, and even posted a diatribe in a thread on here. Clarkson then had a Twitter post referring to my posts in that thread. All I can say is that we all want our three car presenter heroes to be incapable of writing poor television. This was years ago, but my feelings from then were that it's a collaborative, group effort, and that Clarkson, the other two, and Wilman ultimately decide what gets shown.
Suddenly I want to read this tweet but I suspect it will be too difficult to dig it up.
Well, I knew that I shouldn't expecting much of that episode, but even then... Even the rallycross part that should have been good was not properly filmed. Oh, yes, I'm french, and I don't mind them mocking my country or its cars, as long as you don't say bullshits. Just a few fact :

- of course you don't have to crawl to get in or out of the Avantime. It's a rubbish car, but come on...
- the small steering wheels of new Peugeot is controversial, some love it, some hate it. But both my wife (1.60m) and I (1.78m) can set it up correctly
- the priority is for the people entering roundabout only on the few inside Paris, where they are usually very large ones like the Arc de Triomphe and more fit for this way. All the others one have the usual priority
- "until the 1980's kids could be served alcohol with their schools diner" while showing 8 years old children... No. In 1956 alcohol is banned for children under 14, and for all children in 1981. And practically, those days schools only served very light beers in some rural area where tap water was not safe.
- French footballers... well Cantona stopped playing 25 years ago. Just look what Mbappé drives...
- yes, president Mitterrand tested drive the new Renault 5 when it was presented at the Elysee Palace, but at that time he was usually driven in the big new Renault 25, then in the Safrane. President Chirac favoured Citroen so he was driven in C25 and then C6, like Sarkozy and Hollande after him. Macron is now driven in a smaller DS7, because the bigger DS9 is made in China (shame !).
- yes, we don't worship cars and considered it as the pinacle of a man achievement like in England or Germany. But even view as tools, just try to ram your neighbours car while you park and good luck with your teeth...

Not a fact error, yes we may be one of the country with the most strikes and protestors, and that can be called ungovernable from on outside point of view. But it's a but funny jab from a country struggling with Brexit and its protestors for 5 years...

I understand that these days, with the tension between our countries, it would have been difficult for them to send a love letter to all the french cars they've already said they like. But it certainly would have been more interesting, and couldn't be less funny. Too bad.
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