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'05 Grand Cherokee ...

mmm Yes not too pretty that one no....

I actually thought the previous model was quite nice looking (if somewhat awful to drive) so yet again a car model heading into the wrong direction IMO.

Am I the only one who sees volvo Xc90 in those headlamps? yes yes I know it will be difficult to look at the front, but avert your eyes from the hidious grill/bumber combo for a second and look at the lights :lol:
I don't think it's that bad. It's certainly not a Pontiac Aztek.

It's a conservative approach with a bit of the old Cherokee for styling cues. Classic American redneck truck, that's all it ever was, all it ever will be and all it tries to be.
The interior is amazingly awfull.

The vents in the middle, then acres of plastic with a black plastic stereo in the middle looking lonely.

I wonder if this is based on any "old" mercedes ?

The Crossfire is an old slk, the 300C (?) is an old E class underneath.

Maybe this is why they stopped making the G-Wagen :D
i think it is quite good looking IMO... i like the Hummer style grill... not a car i would buy though...
Looks good to me. 1/2 VW Touraugasdadksajdh, 1/2 Dodge Durango.
Looks reasonably good, but the front reminds me of the Cayenne somehow....
couldn't get a good view on the taillights but they seem a bit simple....

I wouldn't buy it