[05x02] June 15th, 2023 - Eurocrash


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Aug 1, 2006
Jeremy, Richard and James head to Central Europe on a road trip nobody has ever thought of, in cars nobody would ever dream of. This epic 1400-mile journey takes them from Gdańsk in Poland, through Slovakia, Hungary and Slovenia. They sample some Soviet style Formula 1, are attacked by deadly archers, recruit a famous racing driver and take part in a spectacular Fast and Furious climax.
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Since all of them have their own shows now and the main selling point of this is watching them all playing their old characters again, I guess it's okay that they interrupt their beautiful scenery travelogue with it instead of telling us more about said scenery and the amazing things the people in it do.

Maybe come back and make a boring old travelogue sometime?
Only Clarkson had a good car choice. Hamster was ultra bland and May was total crap.
8/10 Was solid, laughter was dam real for a lot of it in those situations. Finalwhinge forums yes they'll do dumb shit to the cars they've been doing it since day 1, would have contributed to less than 2minutes of the entire run time.

Felt fresh, same as Scandi flick having some great laugh out loud moments as well. Them pointing out all the places that would make interesting trips but impossible to do was also good look into it.
I kinda liked it, a throwback to old TG.
Not their best ever but certainly up there.
I lol’d at the perfectly manicured fingers on the map in the beginning, it’s a silly detail but so funny
I thoroughly enjoyed that, never thought I would ever see a trio of cars were a Chevy SSR is the most boring one, and that Crosley thing, what an appalling piece of crap, and that was built in the US? By an American? Was he a communist or something? You have to be sick in the head to force that on people in the land of the V8......

Great scenery, the boys were in form, the Nigel Mansell stuff was funny, even learned a few things, all in all a good send off for TGT.
The feebleness of the Crosley was just painful to watch from start to finish, and if it's a four cylinder, why dub a chainsaw on top? It's like that time when they messed around with boats somewhere in Asia and May had a Pettersson boat with a modern 3-4 cylinder Yanmar diesel that got a single cylinder hot bulb engine dubbed over it.
I was a little bothered by this one, it kind of feels like May has become the butt of all the jokes and he isn't able to enjoy any parts of the trip. I know it's all scripted, but it felt like bullying May, and that bugged me.