[05x03] Feb 16th, 2024 - Sand Job


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Aug 1, 2006
Yeah, this was a lot of fun; some pretty interesting cars to take out into the desert, some genuinely hilarious moments, incredible scenery, the three cocking about, loving their cars by the end (mostly), and it was over 2 hours. Awesome stuff
It was good. Really.

It was comedy, but it was not childish. It was like they have grown up and stopped trying too hard, and focused on the places, on the scenery, on the culture too.

I liked it. Much.
We don't need the 'comedy.' It's been 20 odd years.

Why wasn't jeremy in a V8 or R?
I quite enjoyed this one, actually. Comedy with little in the way of cringe, beautiful landscapes, cool cars. It's good.
For the cars: for me, the best specials so far were those, in which they drove really old cars. Who wouldn't have loved to see them drive some of the totally beaten up mercs and renaults (or whatever they were) of the locals? That would have been fantastic! At least they chose some that were not suited for the job. :D Oh and: I couldn't believe they found a DB9 for ~25k. That's spectacularly cheap! I wished they introduced the cars a little bit more in detail.

Other than that, I really enjoyed this one! I like how little stupid silly stuff was in it. Very nice scenery, entertaining all the way through, well executed. My favorite moment of the whole Grand Tour was Clarksons hooray-moment at the beach near Dakar. This sudden outbreak of joy was so genuine that I nearly teared up!
The boat building in the end... well, it's been done before, but what hasn't?
I can't believe how little they sweat and to be honest, that they were even physiologically fit enough to do this. Also, that they didn't get any sunburn. I'm struggeling at 35°C and would be red as a tomato after two days in the blistering sun, even with max. sunscreen. Is there somehow less UV light in the desert?
I really quite enjoyed this one! Spectacular scenery throughout, and I think the camera folks did a very good job of capturing it well. Love the cars they brought as well; that Maserati sounded GLORIOUS! Although I am so confused at the respective choices - I would've bet Jeremy would be the one choosing the DB9, Richard the GranCabrio and James the F-Type. I was also surprised that they managed to keep their usual silly (sometimes cringy) antics to a reasonably low amount this time. The only part I found a bit lacking was the river crossing bit at the end (it reminded me of the river crossing from the TG Africa special, and IMO that was a much better executed piece than this one), although their backup van capsizing and sinking did have me gasping (again, a throwback to their Ford Scorpio Estate sinking in the Africa special).

Other than that, it was great fun and some bits, like the snowmobile running away, had me genuinely burst out laughing in the middle of the night. And then the final blast across the beach! Wow! What a stunning beach, an amazing trio of cars and superb cinematography... it almost felt like they were saying goodbye in a way; but they didn't. And if it hadn't ended on that terrible disappointment, I was sure to tear up at that point. I have no idea what to expect from the next special later this year but I hope it's as good, and hopefully even better than this one.