[05x03] June 17th, 2014

[05x03] June 17th, 2014

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Not bad, TGUS is definitely on par if not better than TGUK now. That said, I wish they would be less harsh on those cars. Having water flooded inside the MR2 and candies everywhere...My heart was bleeding...
Watching Tanner Foust drift that half a million dollar V12 Ferrari was better than watching Clarkson shit himself because there was too much power.
Slowish start, a bit campy in parts, but all together a solid ep.

Tanner's bit with the F12 is probably the first time I've seen someone drive the thing as intended.
Yeah, if my post isn't deleted this time, the episode was average (5/10). They need to start doing fair competitions. I don't know if Adam cheated, but I always enjoyed the totting up in TGUK. It's a way to even the playing field and have an interesting twist at the end. The first two episodes were better, however, this episode was still on par with TGUK 5th season. I can't really complain. I hope they keep it up.
I wish they would stop the crappy editing... 6'49" look for the Toyota towing the Buick... :rolleyes:
I wish they would stop the crappy editing... 6'49" look for the Toyota towing the Buick... :rolleyes:
Saw that too! Now two mysteries - why not edit it out and WTF was going on anyway with the MR2 apparently pulling the Buick? Was that bit filmed after the desert breakdown? :?

I'm still kind of enjoying this series of TGUS, but I'm so glad I watch this via a BT file and I don't have to sit through any more distractions than are already plastered over my screen. There's big bright banners coming and going obscuring the action, and a pair of watermarks pulsing away continuously in the corners. Then there's the 'Coming Up/What you missed' nonsense.

I'm grateful for these BT files and I know I'm looking the gift horse in the mouth, but it'd be nice it the an uploader also snipped out the 'Coming Up..' and 'what's happened so far' bits that straddle the ad breaks. It beats me why TV networks think they have to persist with this distracting nonsense, especially with so many PVRs, Tivos, etc. out there allowing timeshifted viewing. I can only assume these networks think keen TGUS viewers in the States will tolerate any amount of nonsense to see the show, and those viewers who've not been paying attention might find something else to do if not told to stick around, then be reminded at frequent intervals of what they've just seen.:thumbsdown:
I liked the episode, it was a likeable episode. I laughed at the jokes and even the obviously planned conclusion to get Tanner in the F12 didn't bother me. The F12 video also was quite good to watch, as far as Top Gear America's "car reviews" have gone it's one of their better ones but to say that it could so much as hold a candle to the film Top Gear made with Jeremy is like saying the Mazda MX5 is better then an etype Jag or a Ferrari 250 California, he was drifting? Who cares! Every other review of the F12 has had drifting, Chris Harris started his F12 video by showing how much tires his drifting video was about to go through. Top Gear's F12 video was superior in every way.
Wife is pissed at Rut's saying Adam cheated. She felt he said it only because he lost. She refused to watch the rest of the episode. I loved it. :) I MIGHT get her to watch the next episode.
Pretty sweet when Tanner drove out of the trailer. Would they please just let whoever win the challenges and let Tanner drive the post challenge super car. Nobody wants to see Rut drive the f12 but you get the feeling all the challenges feel pre determined so Tanner wins!
Overall, pretty nice episode. I enjoyed it! Top Gear US is definitely getting better and better. The Ferrari was definitely the highlight of this episode, regardless of what happened elsewhere. That was the primary reason I watched this episode. So a solid 8/10 from me!

On a side note, did anybody notice that the Lamborghini Countach footage shown at the beginning of the show was actually from Top Gear UK's test of the same car? It was from season 3 episode 4 with James driving the Countach. They were celebrating Lambo's 30th birthday I think, when they did that episode back in 2003. I recognized it the second I saw it.