[05x07] September 30th, 2014

[05x07] September 30th, 2014

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No torrent from us but we can still discuss the episode. :)

Please no torrent talk.
Just fyi, this episode is actually available for 2 months already... I find this episode okay, I was bummed to see they chopped up a 300D, those things are the million mile warriors and it had to die choking on syrup...
Slow start, but an amusing ending. The Wraith is a hell of a thing.

Looks like the next one will be pretty awesome.
Same opinion with AMDX1325, I think this episode is been available for about 2 months. Good episode thought =)
Pretty mediocre episode. And there's no way in hell that Tanner's Honda drove all day without an alternator belt, especially with an electric radiator fan. I also rather doubt the Jeep and Benz drove all day without their water pumps turning, as I'm lucky to make it across town if that happens. But Rut's car did finally overheat. So what does he do? Without giving it any time to cool down, he pops the radiator cap! Yeah, I buy that. Suddenly it's good for the rest of the day, without even adding any water. And when Tanner's Honda lost a wheel, seems rather convenient that a GoPro camera was pointed exactly at it, facing downward.

Overall, I call bullshit on a fucking mail Jeep being the most reliable vehicle. if it were well maintained, the Benz would definitely win, but I think the Honda is the winner overall.
This episode was seriously one of the best they've produced. I laughed harder at the chopped car than any other part of any other episode. Really great fun. Really enjoyed it, and hope there will be more like it.