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'06 Honda Civic, USDM (many pics)

Danny Tran

or <br /><div class="bigusername">Tranny Dan?</div
Dec 20, 2004
Montreal, Canadaland
Made in Canada, priced at 25,880 $CA (or 19,990.00 $US )for the "Si" version that comes with the K-series engine (200hp).

What do you think?






i like how it looks, inside and out. Its decently quick, very reliable, and most likely comfortable and fun to drive as well.
BUT, i want the Type R. :p
You posted in the wrong section (more a general automotive thing I guess).

The design of that Honda definitely is intended for the American market, I think it wouldn't stand a chance elsewhere. Personally, I'm not very impressed.
Like the front and most of the overall styling but the back is really ugly and looks like the love child of a Audi TT and a BMW 5 series (05)
Actually, the 4-door saloon version and the "coupe" are already for sale here in Mexico, starting at around US$20,000.
They are rather innovative (but not a scratch on the european New Civic!), look nice, comfortable, and, more importantly, will NEVER go wrong!
A lot better than the old Civi - especially the old saloon!, as the new one looks a bit like the Accord (or am I getting old here?)
it's fucking terrible, the euro civic looks better, but it's still meeeeh!
I don't know where you people get that the euro civic looks better, they are both horrible. They both look very 1980's scifi, the euro civic even looks like a cyclops, if anything it's worse!
yo yo, bang bang. vtec nitro, dig doggy bam bam. civic westside!
^ pffft
This would then have to be cooler that that, because it has danish numberplates :mrgreen:
"Danish is cool" :D