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'06 ML and S class

I thought you were joking about the S-Class interior... but you arent! That does look exactly like the 7-Series which means... Mercedes-style i-Drive. Bu the 7-Series does have a nice interior, so its not too bad. To be honest, the new S-Class doesnt sound like a new benchmark in full-size luxury sedans.
i think its horrible.. they even put the shifter behind the steering wheel like in the 7er... i hate it... didnt mercedes learn anything from what happened to bmw with the idrive!
how come the S's interior looks so much like that of the 7er's?
it even has the iDrive wheel of the 7er
the layout is very very very simliar
its called following the trends. Bmw set a new banchmark with the 7er, and now mercedes is struggling to catch up. The funny thing is that by the time the new s class comes on the market, the 7er will be gettting a mid-life refresh -- making even better :twisted: