[06x06] American Aftermarket (May 24th, 2016)

[06x06] American Aftermarket (May 24th, 2016)

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Sep 21, 2003
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Discuss. :)
Definitely improving from where they were, I've really enjoyed this whole season. I kind of wish they put the Stig around in all those cars to see what is really the fastest around the track.
This season has been great so far and, TBH, after watching the first two eps of the new UK TG, and despite being a Brit, I actually prefer the US TG, just because they do what they do best and now form a believeable and funny trio of blokes mucking about in cars.
I think this one might be one of the strongest of the season. Great look at aftermarket cars. With the time constraints that commercial TV has that BBC doesn't, miss some of the segments. Like Kronos said above, it would have been great to see what those cars could do with Stig/Tanner at the wheel around the track.