[06x09] July 24th, 2005

i think that the 575GTC was soo slow because of the gearbox, the shitty version of the flappy paddle one, the 575 is pretty fucking quick and is supposed to handle like a dream. how does it get the same time as a vette? :?
Great episode!

The sccoterman piece was the funniest, specially with the A-class and the Audi 1.6 (weewwww).

I agree with Jeremy in regards to the M5. Why did the "M" engineers not set up the car like it should be set up? If you want a car with different gear ratios, for example, get another car!!!! An M5 should be an M5! The radio button thing was made on purpose by Jeremy, in order to make his point. I do not think the man is an idiot. With so much useless technology, one would think the M5 would be microsoft's company car!

My favorite car is the same as his, for the same reason: F40 (road, seat, arse!) By the way, I just saw one today around my neighborhood (about 10 miles southwest of New York City, or should I say 16 kilometers?). hehehe
I always get a good laugh when I talk about distance in km and tell time the 24h clock fashion. Americans really get puzzled. There is one or two that understand it, but the majority....hehehehe

Oh, and thanks for ending the 300zx vs supra comments. I started to smell burnt rice in this forum. :D
This episode was repeated on UKTV this afternoon... Clarkson's M5 review still annoys the heck outta me.

The whole iDrive thing was unfair - as has been mentioned already on this topic, you need a route planned in for any voice feedback. If Clarkson had been through the menus for as long as he'd have you believe, he should've spotted the 'Voice output of navigation on/off' option in the settings, or even used the icon for it which sits right on the navigation map! AGH!

(shock horror he could even have just turned the volume down when she was speaking!)

I can't really comment too far because I can't even drive yet (at my age it's a bit shameful) but my folks have got an E90 325iSE with the same iDrive system, and I'm left feeling that I'm the only person on the planet who thinks it's quite a straightforward system to use... even if it is tricky to use with your left hand (in rhd cars)..

Oh well, my two pennies worth. Still an awesome car. Second on my (sadly fantasy) shopping list to the M6.. :roll:
I must've seen this episode four or five times...And everytime I'm stunned by that Audi babe.

Her smile, giggle, car knowledge....And her accent! Love the way she says car!

Does anyone from the UK perhaps know where people with that accent come from?
I just re-watched this episode and something Jeremy said confused me... When he first sits in the M5 at the end of the show he says "Three settings for the differential." But there are no settings for the differential in this car. It seems like when he is saying this, he's pushing the button for the suspension control, the electronic dampers(which has three settings; he says there are only two). Is this a mistake or does differential mean more than one thing in the UK.