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[08x05] November 7th, 2005

As always something doesnt work on fifth gear, today it was the lotus that failed many times and didnt go 200MPH, crap. Weird cars were ok although 1 of them we saw on Top Gear. Then the aston, same thing....
Thanks for making the thread, Ren. :)
No prob...

Muhaha, so much praise for the RX-8..

only Vicky is stupid, what does she have against the gearbox? it's usually compared to the S2000's tranny as one of the best!
lol, knew you were gonna bitch about that
it maybe she didnt like the shape of it.. i didnt.. its annoying.. the s2000's is better, with a smoother shift due to all those synchros. I didnt notice the steering wheel was large though... felt ok to me.. I was also surprised she didnt get a faster time..

overall this show.. was only decent.. that DB9 test.. was .. well it made me sick.. a bunch of silly airsoft filming.. my friends in highschool made something like that for a school project.. (obviously without the same film quality or driving) but it was amazingly similar.

I dono.. the show just has the feeling of being smashed together quickly.. without accomplishing anything. There is not very much substance in the show.. neither big entertainment or information.

*I completely forgot about the NSX segment, thats how dull it was. What a poor tribute for such a great car. no info on the new NSX replacement either. But WHat a PriZe..
I'm surprised the Corolla blew it's trans, but that white car (whatever it's called) is freaking fast. And the Lotus, they can't just slap some nitrous on without any tuning at all. :bangin: They are already stressing the engine near it's limit, they need to build the engine up or at least get a progressive nitrous controller to minimize the spike of torque the moment the hit the nos. But even if the engine didn't blow, I still don't think they will hit 200mph, they are only making about 600hp where as the other cars are lighter and making more power and it barely hit 200mph. I would still say a Supra or a Skyline is probably a better choice.

Thanks for the release. :thumbsup:
Fifth gear is now among the worst TV shows in my book. I liked the old, shorter episodes better than these half-a$$ TG wannabe episodes.

The show's quality is just down right low. I mean, does it really have to take 3 men 5 minutes to input 2 simply lap times onto a big screen? And what's with talking about 3 parked, pimped out show cars on a TV show? What's with having a fat chick (instead of the 2 racing drivers they have) to set lap times? And that DB9 shootout... I can understand if it was a 5-year old's dream and he actually directed the filming himself. I'd rather watch a smart-aleck road tester's review.

The 200mph project was a total joke. Has any of their staff ever questioned themselves what was the point of it? It took them a year to come up with the pathetic solution of making the car completely not road legal, and probably throwing well over 50k quids (labor included) in the process for just a few runs down on a crappy runway. The guy who did 206mph in the Sierra with one hand on the steering wheel and no safety equipment made the 5th gear guys looked like idiots who didn't know what they were doing. :thumbsdown:

Rant over. Oh, and long live NSX!
lmao, as said in earlier threads, IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, DON'T WATCH IT!. It's as simple as that.

And comon, worst TV shows? Have you watched any of the shit they have here? Motor Week? Car & Driver? I'd take FG over all of those combined any day.
How do I know I don't like it if I don't watch it? Or did you mean "If you don't like it, don't post on the forum"? I actually make films for a living when I have to, and I can honestly say 5th Gear is pretty badly made for what it is. The staff (from presenters to the technicians to the director) just seem to be too lazy to be professionals.

Can we only say nice things about these shows here? If so I'd be glad to ask you to delete my 2-year old account on the forum.

EDIT: I understand and appreciate your effort of keeping this place alive for so many years. But forum is here for people to discuss the episodes, if different opionions aren't welcomed then what's the point of having these discussions?
No, your opinion is very welcome, but if you don't like the show overall and you hate it, then why watch it and bitch about it being a waste of time or whatever?
It's not like I come here and "bitch" about every episode. In fact, I had not posted in a long while, until after I watched this episode which I thought was pretty awful and confirmed my feeling that FG has be ruined by god knows what. When I decided to post something, I especially did not want to just come out and say I hated it and bitch about it being a waste of time. I thought I'd specifically point out what I didn't like, which I did.

To the trained eye, FG has a lot of minutes on it that are just there to make it hour-long (we call it garbage minutes). To be honest, the segment of the "high-dollar modified" cars was just as bad as those American TV motoring shows. It's very sad to see how the quality of the show has been going downhill, and I'd hate to see what used to be one of my fav TV shows become a bad one that tries to fool its loyal audience. Someone in this thread has already expressed his/her disappointment, so I guess I'm not alone.

If you still love the show then good for you. If not, then criticism is the key to bringing a good show back.
Funny that Aston Martin failed again in FG, well you dont buy bullet proof safety equipment, you buy nice looking bond feeling and happy sound.
Did anyone else notice the Audi Q7 in the background when they load up the Lotus V-8 after the gearbox fails a second time? That must have been months ago (last series) no? :|
I tell you what Ive been noticeing recently. Is that Tiff is swearing a lot more and getting more irritated with things.

I wonder if hes regretting staying on the show. Im sure TG would give him a job in an instant.

Oh and I :lol: when they hastily said Henderson was abroad. She seems like she cant be bothered to turn up nowadays
I liked the show but man. Doing a 200 MPH project half-assed will always bite you. They were reactive to the car's problems but not proactive. I was actually pissed off that they kept throwing money at solving the issues in the short term but to not actually do it properly the first time. I also could see the engine going when they "upgraded" the turbos. Knowing Lotus, they were already at the maximum size for the engine. They are selling that Lotus at a ridiculous price probably since it basically has been bastardized. I feel sorry for the car.

I'm going to go cry in the corner now :cry:. My favourite car of all time had to fall into the hands of idiots without properly doing the job first. :cry:
Viper007Bond said:
lmao, as said in earlier threads, IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, DON'T WATCH IT!. It's as simple as that.

And comon, worst TV shows? Have you watched any of the shit they have here? Motor Week? Car & Driver? I'd take FG over all of those combined any day.
this time im gonna follow that .. and stop wathing Fifth gear..
It has become a cheap cpoy of Top gear ..
when JC was getting shot at in a roadster he used the Army..
when plato did it he jused a few guys with toys..
how lame is that!

lets not forget that they never have them all on the show.. the only one whi is there all the time is Tiff.. then 2 others.. so there always 3.. never all 4 (5) .. 3 presenter in a studio talking about the car they just tested... how original...
I actually liked that 200mph project because it was technical and educational.
How things should not be done, if you change something, even an air filter all pre calculations goes out of the window.

Turbo engines especially are very demanding area.
Maybe that last push with nitro(?) was just act of despair.
One point in 5th Gear's favor (favour for all those in the UK, Australia, Canada, etc.) is the competition to win a very good car: every week for just a quid (translation=one pound sterling) you can actually win a great car, last week that nice and very collectible Fiat and an NSX this week! If I was still in the UK, I for one would be spending most of my wages on phone calls!
BTW, do we have any past winners as members? Just a thought.