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[08x09] December 5th, 2005


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SL65AMG~V12~604BHP!!!!!!! said:
Tiff Needell negotiates the perilous A537 in a Porsche Cayman, Tom Ford takes the ?Pepsi Challenge? with some of the most powerful diesels in the world and Jon Bentley reports on the latest type of car crime.

Vuk missed it, rip from him coming tomorrow. But for those in the UK / those who downloaded the scene rip...
Just finished watching the show. Typical FG show, which means that it is watchable but not exhilarating.

Best bits always come from Tom, I really like his reviews - always fun to watch and his humor brings a smile to your face.

Airbag segment was too long and too documentary style...it was as if I was watching a show on Discovery Channel. And please FG producers, please please take Jon Bentley off the air, his segments are always sooo boring and 80's TG style.
I loved the way Big Tom tested the Civic, especially the "crash test" :)

Apart from that, I was quite disappointed, and that goes worse when I compare it to yesterday's TG.

I wanna see Tiff drifting again !!
Tiff Needle testing the Cayman : a 3.4L "STRAIGHT" 6 buried in the middle!
Tom is in the league of it's own, I think his review about civic was one of the best ever. Especially I loved head smashing in to the emblem :lol:
Tiff's test of the Cayman S wasn't as good as I'd expected. Best part this time was Tom's review of the new Civic. I wouldn't say that the parts on licence-plate thefts and airbags were bad, they were quite informative, I just wished they'd concentrated more on car-reviews.
I really liked the Civic review too. Damn, now I really want one of those. :D

But atleast I am getting a bit bored with all those crashtests.
The first half was good. The second half is boring. The Cayman review is alright. It gives you a different perspective than TG's. The Civic review is good. And the Civic looks a lot better than tha USDM Civic. The rest is just blah.
It was quite a good show. Two things caught my attention:
1) during the estate shoot out Viki told us the T5 was one of the smallest estates Volvo had on offer. I always thaught T5 wasn't a model name, but a more of a "type add on".
2) What did they do to the belts on the back seat during the crash test? One could clearly see the belt from the back seat was tightened.

Great review from Tom on the new Civic!
It was quite a good show, I must admit.
Tom's piece, as always, was the best one! I am one of the first people to make fun of ricers, but that Civic looks really good!
And Tom crashing onto the front bumper was hilarious! He would fit in Top Gear nicely! You have to love a car that can direct you to a pub! BRILLIANT!!! :cheers:
I must admit that the Japanese built an excellent European hot hatch! In black, it must look fantastic!

The Gayman segment was ok. I mean, it felt like there was something missing, but I can not find the words. I liked it when they made everything in gray shades and the car was red! Nice!
Oh, I know, maybe a conversation with local people about the road would have been a nice component of the segment.

The auction was predictable!

So was the shootout. That Subaru is the works! It looks blah, but it goes like stink!

Bentley was, as always, informative, which is good.

The airbag piece was also informative.
yobbo said:
Tom is in the league of it's own
No he is not!.. he is just i top gear terratroy.. the others are in ..fifth gear terratory :p

ycchan said:
Just noticed the NA Civic is not the same as the European one :(
Same with the corolla and the accord and .. ehh .. some thing else

they do it becouse the NA version is to lame for europe (im not kidding.. its true.. there all like sofas on wheels..)

Can anyone please make a Gif of Tom ford bashing his head! :thumbsup:
The episode was quite decent actually. I just hated how during the Cayman review all the exterior shots were black and white with the red car.

Also, I don't understand why they spent money fixing the clutch on that Ford Puma. If they didn't get to drive the car before they bought it, the same would've happened to whoever bought it here. Besides... wasn't the point to sell it privately to make more money? If you take it back to a an auction it'll fetch the same type of prices... I just thought that segment was boring and flawed.
The moment they bought that car it's a mistake. If the price is high that day, don't bid. Just go another day and use hidden cameras and try again. I agree with fixing it up is not going to help the value that much. They should just leave the clutch as is and maybe just give it a few coats of Zaino and call it a day.

Kebab gud said:
yobbo said:
Tom is in the league of it's own
Can anyone please make a Gif of Tom ford bashing his head! :thumbsup:
Shawn_230 said:
The episode was quite decent actually. I just hated how during the Cayman review all the exterior shots were black and white with the red car.

i thought that was the best part.. like a lady in red commercial.. it looked like something out of a jaguar magazine ad.
Like most of you chaps, I really enjoyed the Civic review and I wish we could get those in NA. Tom is one of the only reasons I still watch FG. Tiff's review was alright, I liked the near miss closeup on his face enough to make it my temporary avatar :lol:
I really liked the Civic review (well, most of Tom's reviews are pretty good, a bit more lighthearted than the rest), and was also impressed with the airbag tour :)

Well, not necessarily the shape of the car, but I do wish they would start selling that Civic (esp the diesel) in Aus. I was looking at a WV Golf or an Audi A3, but I might hold off now :D There' still a lot of life in my current car, and the petrol prices are not waaay through the roof yet