[09x01] January 28th, 2007


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This thread is strictly for episode discussion. Please no talk of download speeds or anything like that.
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Cool for once you are on time ;)
I was kind of busy, so I missed the first 40mins, I guess I will have to wait for the torrent.
Well, it's back. It's certainly back.
What a brilliant start to the new series. :)
fucking brilliant.
Fantastic episode and I never, ever want to hear someone moan that they always test British cars on dry tracks and American cars on wet ones... :mrgreen:
fucking brilliant.
No it wasn't. Apart from Hamsters welcome, the XKR and the crash special, it was below TG standards imo.

It's good to have the show back, but the whole roadworks thing was boring as hell.

Ah well, at least they're back! :D

awesome show....

the chips under the steam roller :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: oh god i couldnt contain myself, i thought may crushing the megaphone was good but getting him back by squashing his tea! hahaha

hammonds no fuss entry :lmao:

and the crash, i thought they werent gonna show it....just bluffing, but OMG:shock2: :driving: :shock: :eek: :jawdrop:
wow, i felt so nervous watching that crash just because i knew what was goiing to happen. imagine how different it would have been if it didnt crash, it would just have been another feature in an episode....probably last autumn.
It bought tears to my eyes when it was obvious that both Hammond and Clarkson were filling up.

Brilliant episode though! Great episode to start the series :)
how can you all say that was boring. may chucking a megaphone under the roller, playing Maggie to workers, leaning on the E-stop. :rofl: :roflmao:
Tonight was probably the first time I've actually enjoyed the star in a reasonably priced car. The road works bit was slightly iffy but all in all and good episode.
Where is the Lambo Murcie LP640 from the preview?
Is it on the next episode?
Great to have Top Gear back and a rather good episode in my oppinion. Though they would have shown more of the crash but in a way I'm glad they didn't. Did a`nyone else think that the audience was WAY bigger than normal? It looked packed!
By far NOT the best episode of TG, roadworks bit was quite funny but it felt a bit forced, like they needed a "how hard can it be"-bit and couldnt come up with something better. Oliver again as star in de chevy wasnt that bad (recycling old guest's is cheap, but it was good to watch). JK vs AMV8 was good, not the best car review but it will do (I just miss some direct competition like both laptimes and a dragrace). Last and best thing was the crash, realy worth watching.

All together about a 6 out of 10. But hey, the guys are back and hope we will have a good 5 more eps. I just hope they stop with this "Look how crazy we are" attitude, it was very very fun in the begin, but it feels forced since we now almost get it every episode, hope they get back to more like 5/6/7 serie ish episodes.

That was great start to the series! I couldn't believe the things Hammond was saying as he was preparing to drive the Vampire- "(jokingly)......or this could be the biggest crash you've ever seen!":eek:Jeremy was welling up near the end of the tape.The roadworks thing was the usual cocking about with Jeremy being loud and useless playing a Margaret Thatcher CD to get the workforce motivated.

And is it just me or do you think James needs a hair cut:p
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Wow. That crash happened a lot faster than I thought. I suppose it was at 280mph, but that skid lasted all of about 5 seconds. Also, that provides proof for how quickly the emergency crews arrived there: literally just after the dust cleared.

Proves how lucky he is. How the car didn't instantly dig into the grass, and flip, disintegrating the car. It just slides forever, then tips over.

I love the last thing Jeremy says - "Proof then, that speed kills" followed by Richard checking over himself.

How can you not say that was the best episode ever. You must be retarded, or too old to not love that.