[09x01] January 28th, 2007

i really liked this episode, i know its a late post on it but im glad to see richard is all good now :)

speaking of hammond, does anyone know the song that was played during his welcome?

kinda catchy heh

it was diana ross or something (edit: checked the thread - diana ross - upside down.... kind of appropriate)

something real bad and motowney but perfect probably.
I?m very glad Top Gear is back and I thought the show was very good. But it was not as good as the last series. There was to much involving with the crash, yes the Crash was great to be able to watch but now I will be glad there is no more talk of the Crash. The road works was good and funny but was not the best of things to choose and really dragged on for a bit. Overall the show was great and even better, it?s back!
Top Gear just plain rocks! Its so nice to have them back.

fifth dump can go to the corner and contemplate its navel for all I care.
here's a little something I noticed while watching the xkr/v8 vantage segment for the nth time (I just love it!), at 00:32:35


see the radio in his hand? lol. in the shots immediately before and after it's not there, of course

Amazing you should pick that up. I really hated that review, he really does try to love British cars. No matter how dull those to are.
Amazing you should pick that up.

yeah, that's what happens when you watch something so many times lol

on a different note, and I think it hasn't been mentioned here yet, anyone else think the Princesse Diana joke at the beginning was a bit innapropriate? I'm surprised it didn't raise more eye brows...
You should've seen Mock the Week a week earlier if you think what was being innapropriate! I seem to recall one of the panel doing a Prince Charles impression and saying "and they were wondering why I smelled of brake fluid"

Also, I went on the points of view website (aka worst site ever, full of freaks, geeks and enough beard to make another race of men) and they had only just started complaining about 'works sets you free' they said that in a episode months ago beardies!

Don't let the PC bridage see that pic. He's driving with a phone! My golly gosh! I must send my stupid opinion straight to the Top Gear waste paper bin at once!
Great episode; The roadwork thin was actually very funny. I almost fell off the chair laughing while Jeremy tried to speed up the workers by playing those famous speeches by Margareth Thatcher. The bit about the crash was also great, giving us a tidy explaination of what actually happened. The bit with Jamie Oliver wasn't that good, but made me laugh a bit.

The highlight was the XKR - Vantage bit. I somehow knew that Jeremy would like it, and still think that it needs more power. But from all of the other rewiews I've read it's just brilliant. It's also kind of interesting that he brings the Vantage in to the equation as well, allthoug it is a different car, being much more focused as a sports car and a bit more expensive. I have seen both the Vantage and the new XKR live, and they both do look astonishingly good allthough the latter lesser than the former. The Vantage looks more compact and punchy while the XKR looks more long-legged. As for the interior of the XKR, I think it looks perfectly ok, a bit dull perhaps next to the Aston Martin, but the quality is impecccable, no cheap and nasty plastics, just leather, aluminium (optionally wood) and carpets. And I know as I have been in one (picture to proove can be provided)

And to the nay-sayers, stating that Jeremy's enthusiasm for these two cars is just unfounded bias in favour of british cars; Look up a review of any of these two cars anywhere else, and chances are they will say they are brilliant. Simply because the are. Like stated earlyer, I have yet to read a serious negative review on any of these cars...
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I decided to post this in here.

Its my re-editing of the Jaguar XKR (Aston Not Included) review and putting it to Plug In Baby by Muse. I think I did a pretty good job considering this is my first properly edited video, not just cutting bits off the start and end.

Its not all synchronised up because Windows Movie Maker is very annoying (and I don't have anything else). When I was to play it half way through, to check whether my audio's beats were lined up with the video, it would play a completely different part of the song. Bloody useless.:mad:

right, what did that guy from the audience said about hammond's crash, and hammond replied thank you and everybody aplauses
In the end Clarkson promisses to never again talk about Hammond's accident but they refer to it again in Season 10 Episode 1 or was it Season 11, the one right after the big storage fire that destroyed all of TG's props.
Does anyone think that after the passing of Jade Goody, in future broadcasts the Stig introduction will be cut?
Probably not.