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100,000 users have visited the site!


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Sep 21, 2003
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Yay! The counter rolled over 100,000 people this morning! That number goes up one everytime someone visits the site after they have closed their browser BTW - it's not a page view count. That infact is MUCH more:


(October and November where the months I tried to host the vides on my server and the new site launched in March.)

Anyway, yay! :)
its obviously noticable on the forums as we get more and more contributers with posts n such.
Renesis said:
do you have the complete stats?

I like to look at these things :D
Whatda mean besides the link I posted above?
I think those numbers are reflecting the sudden increase in posters we have on the forum....seems like the ranks of regulars around here has doubled in the past month.....cool 8)
Click on one of the months.
I have no probs understanding that: Top Gear and Fifth Gear are popular progs world wide, and this is THE best site for DL episodes + a great forum. (AND of course, a great founder who knows what he's doing ;) ) Fudge, that sounded really like a suck up thing to say...LOL@myself...
Plus a great episode provider! :thanksvuk:
Oh, sorry. True that, true that...