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$100 comp speakers/iPod docks


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May 2, 2005
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my evil step grandmother decided to take back the Bose wave radio she gave to me a while ago, I loved that thing, it was on 24 hours a day in my room but now it's gone... :cry: Now, my budget allows around a hundred bucks to spend on something to listen to my iPod on, speakers, dock system, hell, even headphones, my sennheisers are starting to get a bit tired... any suggestions? thanks in advance!
Cost, can I get that here in the states? what kind of music do you listen to?
$149 but don't think you can get anything better for cheaper. Also, the Apple dock/speaker is SHIT! Avoid it
can I get that here in the states?
what kind of music do you listen to?
LOL what do you care :lol: I listen to rap/hip-hop/rock and anything thats on the charts

^They have diffrent brand names in diffrent countries but they are still the same product ;)
Apple dock/speaker? did'nt know they made one, now I do. I wil check out this logic3 unit, I'm also looking at a set of Jbl Creature speakers, do you have any experience with those? I'm just leary about getting something good, because after the Bose I have gotten accustomed to good sound.
My speakers were worth every cent. :D


If I had an iPod, I could just plug it right into the console. ^_^
^Wow thats a hectic sound system 8) I wish I had one!!
But remember with the speakers I recommend, it acts as a dock/charger for ur ipod ;)
I found the logic3 unit for $75 at costco!
I went to compusa with my iPod and listened to all of my options and found the $75 jbl creature2 speakers to be the best for the price option, I'll be buying soon, also they wanted 120 for the unit sl65 suggested, I tried those out and found them to be really good, but not better than the jbl's which were flat out incredible, and for a few extra dollars I can buy a dock to go with the speakers.
I've got the Creative Inspire T7900 system - should be within your budget easily. It's very good, though nowhere near as good as the Logitech system Viper has.
I tried the T7900 and found the response to be less crisp than that of the JBL speakers, It fits my budget (at 100 dollars) and is my second choice, but I will give them a second chance when I go back to the store tonight and make my choice.

that just looks plain weird! haha

btw - looks like you use the same plectra as me - good choice :p
VWKafer said:
Well I woulda been inclined to get something portable and something that you could dock/charge your iPod but I guess you were looking for overall sound quality so it suits ur situation. On a side note, those JBL speakers look like a hat that an alien would wear :lol:

btw what does kafe mean?? Josty has it in his avatar aswell and I was just curious...
Kafer is beetle in german, and sound quality was a huge factor, so I tried all of my options. And on the alien hat bombshell, I put all my beanies on the sub when I put it in my room! :lol:
haha604 said:
Try the Edifier S2.1, its around $100 on the street. IGN did a review of it and gave it a thumbs up. These are computer speakers so they don't match your ipod as well as a dock, but these will definitely sound better.

Thats not for the iPod is it :?

Oh yeh and VWBeetle, I used one of those JBL systems you bought today at a friends house and I agree with you on the sound :thumbsup: That alien like sub makes a diffrence :D
at $100, any type of speakers will be a sacrifice to sound quality...
no offence, but those ipod docks/speakers are just gimmicks, sound quality (if you can even call them sound quality) on those are a complete joke.

computer speakers at that price will only get you two basic paper-cone speakers and a over-boomy woofer, might be a good thing if you like rap type of music. but sound quality wise... sound balance, coloration, detail, soundstage ect are completely out of the question

at around $100, I strongly suggest some decent headphones that are easy to drive and requires no external headphone-amp.. Audio-Technica ATH-A500 and Grado SR80 (go to "Headphones" > "SR 80") are definitly some of the best around this price range because both of those are extremely easy to power and both have more "colored" sound signature that are much more suitable for most headphone newbies :p
I have the Tivoli Model One radio that also has an AUX input for my iPod. It is a fantastic little radio, even with a mono (one) speaker, it's much better-sounding than the WaveRadio. Nothing too gimmicky with no flashing lights, artificial bass boosters and junk like that.

It sells at $99 (definitely within your budget) at most places, but I'd pony-up a little more, at $149, for the Model Two stereo version. There is also an optional subwoofer that goes with the Model Two.


I reccomend just getting the klipsch 2.0 or 2.1 set, they look great and sound fantastic. And with 150 watts in the 2.1, you can annoy EVERYONE. I think the 2.1 is around 100 and the 2.0 is a little less.