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100 Greatest Cars (70-61)


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Sep 7, 2004
Bradford, UK
well... perhaps you guys will start to like this countdown a bit more seeing as we're getting close to halfway - we'll see...

70. Renault Clio V6
Mid-engined madness will always bring in the votes, it seems, and you guys love the fact that Renault stuck a 3.0-litre V6 in the middle of a supermini. And so do we.


do you like this car Ren? :p

69. Toyota Prius
Smarter than your average car and beloved by US celebrities trying to cultivate an eco-friendly image. Interesting hybrid petrol-electric engine wins it 4Car fans, too. Our long-termer impressed us.


68. Porsche Boxster
Some, including 4Car's own Matt, would say that the Boxster is the most complete car you can buy today. At its price, no other sports cars can match its ability, quality and usability.


67. Noble M400
Massively quick, pretty good-looking, and made by an independently-owned British sports car company. Marvellous.


66. Bentley Continental GT
Okay, underneath it shares more than the odd component with a Volkswagen and it weighs more than two tonnes, but that doesn't stop you lot loving the Continental, first of the new Bentleys under Volkswagen ownership of the brand.


65. Rolls-Royce Phantom
Pipping the Bentley, spookily by a single place, is the Phantom, first of the Rolls-Royces developed under BMW ownership. Caricatured looks, but you gotta love the RR-branded wheel hubs that don't rotate and those suicide doors. It's imposing, incredibly refined and capable, too.


64. Datsun 240Z
One of the best-looking cars ever to emerge from the Far East, the 240Z was Japan's first successfully-exported sports car. Had a silky straight-six and rear-wheel-drive; Japan has never looked back.


63. Jaguar D-Type
Ostensibly a race car but roadworthiness means it made it onto our list, and into your hearts. It won at Le Mans, it makes a thrilling noise, it is fabulous to look at, and that fin is good for promoting stability at 160mph upwards.


62. Ford Focus
When it was launched in 1997, the Focus was an immediate success, winning customers and admirers with its striking looks, exceptional driving dynamics and all-round comfort and logical design. When replaced in 2004, it was still amongst the very best in its class - and it's not often we can say that about a regular, cooking Ford.


61. Alfa Romeo Alfasud
In 1973, the Alfasud played a similar role to that which the 62nd-placed Focus fills today. At its launch, its svelte looks won it friends, but its outstanding handling - combined with a great ride - really set it apart from the mainstream.


So? Still hate this list? Lemme know :D
The boxter and the noble beaten by something called an Alfasud. Since when did laundry detergent belong on a greatest car list?
I think it's easier to make a Boxster nowadays than it was to make an AlfaSud back then. If only it would stay above the wheels... :twisted:
I can't beleive alfasud made the list. They are one of the biggest lemons. You hardly ever see then in Australia anymore cause they rust and break like all buggery.