[10x00] July 25th, 2007 [Polar Special]

Hey guys. What's the bit of music around 21 mins that plays right after you see James May on the toilet hitch? I've heard it used before in the series but couldn't find it then and I can't find it now. Looking up all the pieces of music between minutes 16 and 25, none of them sound anything like this clip. I'm watching it on netflix so I'm not sure if the cuts or time are accurate or not. It only lasts about 15 seconds and has about a 120bpm tempo. It's synthesized percussion and a deep, brassy cue.

@ Bloody Initiate:

In my version of the Polar Special when Matty Mcnair starts kiting the song is "Zulu Main Theme"

Does anyone know this

Does anyone know this

can someone id this music in top gear the polar challenge, Please
it's at 4: 40 - 5:00

Hi, does anyone know the music which appears in this episode - I've got a feeling the one aired in Britain differred slightly from the US but that's what Im after. It also features at the start of this:

Any time you see an episode on TV outside of the UK or on DVD, then yes the music has been replaced with generic stuff.
I might be the victim of different music in a Dave version here, but any help would be gratefully received. There is a beautifully, haunting piece of music when Jeremy and James find the plane. I'm pretty sure it is not one of the listed tracks. Any ideas?