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THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! when i listened to the song on itunes it didn't sound anything like this it had a woman singing! your an angel!

thanks again!
I'm trying to find out the name of the alternate piece they use at this section. I will post it to youtube in a second and link to it here.
is there anyone or anywhere i can find the mixed killers song that was around 23-24 minutes? i think its the uncle johnny mix. I love that little piece of it they use.
I was watching on a re-run of Top Gear on Dave the other day and it was the one where they are attempting to fin the best road to drive on.
After a bit of research I've pin pointed this as Series 10 Episode 1.
The best road was awarded to a mountain drive in Italy.

What I would love to know is: Does anyone know the title of the piece of piano music that was played toward the end of the episode - is was played whilst there were lots of arial shots of the road. It was a beautiful piece of music and you know when you just absolutely HAVE to know.....
I think one song was missed. I think it's between these two:

51:39 - 52:10 - Eberwein & Kiefer - Hopfa Harvest
52:14 - 52:36 - Klaus Badelt & Mark Batson - A-500

Scene when they open the garage door the next morning after Liechtenstein. I think it's from the Nutcracker Suite, but could be wrong. 43:48 on the iTunes version. "The next morning, we headed south out of Davost."

Sorry, this is really bugging me and have tried for two weeks to identify it.

Hello everyone.

As Wolgarde said, I'm also looking for that alternative song (posts #62 & #63), please take a look at the video.

I'm Top Gear fan, and I found out this incredible music, that is keeping me a little mad.

My pourpose is completely professional, because I want to use it for a short movie in progress (now editing), so to find that song and to talk to his/her author and manager is very important for me to pay rights or whatever is needed.

I've cheked out Dario Marianelli's "Evey Reborn", and it's not the song; I've talked to people at www.extrememusic.com (as ssreverb suggested), and they don't know a word about this, because it must be an author they don't work with.

I've been searching hard for many time, and may be this forum is the last hope, because I've been taking a look over a few threads and I'm really impressed about music knowledge around here.

So, please: any information or clue will be hugely appreciated.

Thank you very much, and take care at the wheel ... but enjoy it.
MUSIC for last part of Supercar challenge

MUSIC for last part of Supercar challenge


Ive been looking for a tune from the last part of the supercar /greatest driving road challenge from this episode.

The tune is from 8:55-9:30 (although maybe it starts at 8:45) in this youtube clip:


If anyone can tell me the name of this tune i would be very grateful.

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What song plays at 9:32 and continues past the end of the video?


On the list, it says it Einaudi's Retornare, but the melody doesn't sound anything like the song, even though the piano with strings sounds like it could be one of his.

I've spent a few days now listening to everything I can on YouTube and iTunes' store and am at a loss.
The list at the beginning of this thread is the music listing of the original BBC broadcast. Any other broadcast like BBC prime / BBC World / Dave and topgear.com has different music.

Most music used in those broadcasts is production music (not available to the general public).
We know they use alot from:
Season Preview:
00:46 - 01:52 - Arcade Fire - No Cars Go

Anyone know where I can find an instrumental version of this song? Vocals cut in way before the 1:06 portion used in this segment, so it seems there must be one.



You're not going to believe this! I was searching ALL over for this very tune. I was extremely frustrated, and on the point of giving up. I even joined this forum just because of it!

But then i decided to try http://www.extrememusic.com/ as someone here suggested, and believe it or not; the SECOND song i browsed was IT! :D

Just go to the website, click "get trax", "directors cut", "romance" the song is called "mystic prelude" and is available for your listening pleasure. (i think you have to be a company to dowload, but it's better than nothing) I'm quite pleased with myself now... :D
Sorry, the correct order for the track on ExtremeMusic is

Directors cut
Mystic prelude

because i'm a new user, my first post doesn't show yet... so, yeah!

Anyway; Wolfgarde, I found it!
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Greatest driving road in america

Greatest driving road in america

Does anyone know the song at 13:44 right after they introduce their cars?
Sorry, the correct order for the track on ExtremeMusic is

Directors cut
Mystic prelude

because i'm a new user, my first post doesn't show yet... so, yeah!

Anyway; Wolfgarde, I found it!

Thank you so much, Samle07, what a hard search this was for me.

It's a little late for my short movie, but I'm going to use this in the future anyway. And of course, enjoy it just listening. Thank you.
The final song (piano) that everyone is looking for is NOT Retornare, but a clip from extrememusic.com

Click on the search tab. Search for "romance". Click albums tab and click on the "romance 2" album. It's called "First Sight".

I was so happy to find it :D