[10x04] November 4th, 2007 [Botswana Special]

Does anyone know the song that starts at 5.39 on the dvd. If you didnt watch the dvd it's the bit where clarkson says Lancia know how to make a rally car, importunately on the day my lancia beta coupe was made they forgot everything." "the gearbox is broken, the steering is broken, and in fact we all had problems". May says "Everything works except this nob which controls the blower". Hammond says "I've got to have this window open because there is a strong smell of petrol". Pretty much they say what their problems are with the cars.

Then the song is played just after hammond asks clarkson why he didnt turn his car off, and dared him to turn it off . (29.48 on the dvd) They then talk about how they come across some birds and more wildlife and how they are at the end of the makadekade.
at 0:22...

at 0:22...

there's a song that i really want to know what it is. Here's the link...

start it at 0:22.


please reply ASAP. thx
Bit of a thread resurrection, but finally got round to watch this one today and came here to look some tracks up as I often do.

You've got the following listed:

21:43 - 22:17 - Tyler Bates - To Victory

Which, if I'm right, is the time sequence where Clarkson is describing driving through the seven circles of hell and the surface getting worse and so on, followed shortly by the salt killing the Lancia. Even a brief listen to Tyler Bates' To Victory says it isn't this, it's not even similar.

There are also two sequences with a very noticeable section of Conquest of Paradise, the first near the beginning where they list the faults in their cars, and the second as they exit the salt flats, but neither are mentioned in the list.

Are there multiple versions of this episode or something?
Okay, so now I'm understanding why I looked at the soundtrack list and thought "wtf?".

On a curiosity, I downloaded a different version of this episode and the backing soundtrack is almost entirely different.

What the...?
When episodes of TG air on Dave or other networks, most -- if not all -- of the music has to be changed because of copyright issues. BBC have a blanket license (if you will) to use whatever music they want on their show. It doesn't extend to other channels.

IMO, there should be a sticky thread in WTS explaining this.
Okay, so, I have the DVD version. There is however one track that I am desperate to identify, and I can't. I've heard it in so many trailers, but just can't, place it.

MP3 Sample

My first thought was Summon the Worms, but it isn't. It's similar, but not it.
whats the song when Hammond and May are hoping that Clarkson is in the Beetle, then Clarkson goes zooming along in his Lancia, which he repaired.

Its a different one than the original broadcast, it was broadcast in Aus yesterday and it was like a really pumping western song, it sounded like Ennio Morricone but more recent.

i know which one ur talking about, i really want to know what the damn song is called too. i've been searching everywhere but no luck :(
anyone have any idea?
i watched this botswana special on DAVE. so i believe the music is different to its original. thats probably why im sturggling to find the track! ;[
song missing at 28 minutes rock music when stig enters!!!!
Hi, Does anybody know whats the song that James May are whistling on 42:35 sec ????
Theme song to Bridge on the River Kwai.