[10x05] November 11th, 2007

Hey, I know one that no one has posted yet, cool.
02:34 - 02:49 - Black Lab- "Learn to Crawl"
45:26 - 45:34 is

45:26 - 45:34 is

"Six Weeks Ago" by John Powell for The Bourne Ultimatum Soundtrack
anyone knows what song James was playing on the keyboard when Jeremy was talking about the Opel?
Romeo and Juliet theme by Nino Rota

But do you know why he was playing it... ?

During the '80s, BBC Radio 1 DJ Simon Bates had a spot called "our tune" in which he would read a soppy letter about some one who has lost his/her true love and the only thing he/her has to remember him/her by is the following track... (cue lady in red or something). While he was reading the soppy letter this music was playing in the background.

Quite apt for Richard's Little Love story
Does anyone have 'Logan's Run'? - 14:45 - 15:18 Reminds me of this.
I have to say this is some obscure music
but it catches your attention and thats why it works so well
wow ssreverb....how come you know so many songs...nice job.
I really want to know what song is 47:06 - 47:16, so cool~
1:44 is from the Touching the Void soundtrack. Probably "Approaching Siula Grande" by Alex Heffes.

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