[11x02] June 29th, 2008

59:21 - 59:37

has anyone figured this song out yet it's driving me insane I know it's from some movie I just saw
thanks ssreverb
last night someone mentioned incredible hulk 2008 OST

but with 10x10 we may have a second suspect
59:21 - 59:37 sounds like something by X-Ray Dog, or (and more likely) something from one of those sailor/pirate adventure movies. It sounds like something from "Master and Commander" or a Pirates of the Caribbean film. Dunno if this helps in pointing someone in the right direction.
I looked up to build a home by cinematic orchestra that they used for the Mercedes segment and the only version I can find is the one with the really crappy and worthless vocals smearing all over the beautiful piano. Can anyone direct me to the version that Top gear used with just the piano?

Thanks in advance :)
01:26 - 01:33 I know for sure this is by Boards of Canada. I think its the track Oscar See Through the Red Eye off of the album The Campfire Headphrase
07:03 - 07:40 - ?????????????? Amon Tobin or what ??

I really don't think it's Amon Tobin. I have most to all of his stuff, and this doesn't sound like anything that I've heard from him.

I myself would really like to know this song too.

Plus, this one too please: 19:29 :D

Anyways, I hope someone finds it. I'm really looking forward to it. :D

Brilliant Job btw you guys with organizing at archiving the music like this.
If someone can figure out 19:29 - 20:07 I will love you. And maybe give you a dollar. With which you can buy probably not much.
19:29 - 20:07 is torturing me so bad. I'm dying to know what it is. It sounds a little bit like Eric Serra during the Fifth Element, but it's not a song from that movie for sure.