[11x02] June 29th, 2008

No response yet. If you go on the topgear main page there should be a contact section somewhere.
19:29 - 20:07 (song that plays at the beginning of the RS6 film).

it from James Bond goldeneye or newer ???
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I am going madness since I heard the sound without knowing who the artist and the title are!
Since 5h I am trying to find out what the 19:29 - 20:07 is called.

I'll immediately post it if I will be successful. I hope you guys will do the same.

Cheers -SirTech
Hi all. Just posted on yahoo answers about the song at 19:29 - 20:07. This is our last chance really. I've also asked at what's that song and nobody knew....the internet is failing us :(. Thanks all for theyr efforts into finding out every single track of the TG soundtrack.
Yeah there doesn't seem to be any hope out there :(

Really bad! I was hoping that maybe somebody knew the song ...

Cheers -SirTech
I don't think it sounds horribly like Craig Armstrong. X Ray Dog is a really good guess.

I'm currently downloading as much of the music for both as possible. ^ ^

I'm very curious to find out what this is.(the rs6 intro just before 20min)
I had to register after re-listening to the last bit of audio of the Black segment.

I don't know if anybody's thought of this yet, but perhaps the last song of the episode isn't one complete song. It sounds to me like a mash-up of strings and piano from two separate tracks! This could also explain why it wasn't on the cue sheet, can't it?
I had to register to write this but I think the last song is actually two songs where the first one is from 59:21 - 59:30 and the second one starts at 59:30 and goes to the end. Its either that or its two songs playing at the same time where the piano piece is different from the violin piece.
I wouldn't think that this could be two songs. The timing between them is too perfect. Also, you might note that the audio closes up with violins (when hamster is talking)
I also need first song at the rs6 part... I have searched with midomi web and still I don't have any clue about it..

I'll love to know what song is it


Hi, has anyone worked out what this is yet?

Audi RS6 vs. French Skiers:
19:29 - 20:07 - ?
Well, I didnt find the RS6 Song from the beginning of the clip but I bought Season 10, 11 and 12 from the iTunes-Store and what did they do? For crying out loud, they changed the song!!! Its now something else, maybe because the BBC had so many requests on that song :|

Anyway, Ill not give up on looking for that song!

Hope we'll find it someday!

Cheers -SirTech

PS: I found a hint on another forum and it was quite good: Hybrid, I remember their intros are often build up on classical instruments/music -so yeah, what we have to do now is to listen to all of theirs 910783979123 sounds :D
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