'12 MLB Regular Season Thread

Dear god, activity in this thread!?! I thought it had died! :p

Speaking of cunts, Bobby V is surely gone after this season, Clockwerk.... right?

My God, I hope so. Fuck that guy! Also on the shitty meter, apparently I missed meeting Tulo by 15 minutes the other night.
I know it's the post season now, but... :dance:
That Nats loss was the most heartbreaking thing. I'm not into baseball, but seeing a DC team go through a season like they did got me excited, and this series with St Louis was thrilling. That loss was just heartbreaking. Giving up a 6 point lead? Giving up 4 runs in one inning? It's like the real team left after the 4th inning thinking they'd already won.

But I shouldn't be surprised. That is the DC sports fashion.
I really hate the Giants and their obnoxious excuse for fans.