[12x01] November 2nd, 2008

Any idea where the proper song could be found? Even if it is just a little bit deeper toned.
EDIT: after listening to the instrumental a dozen times over, and the trailer itself a dozen times more than that, I think its just an edit, note how theres that high pitched whine a few times? I'm under the impression that its just looping a few bits of the albums version, I may be wrong, but the sound is as close to the preview as I can possibly find.
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I was just watching this on Netflix, I'm not sure if the Netflix version matches with these times, but right before the GT2 and Gallardo race begins the music stops at 5:18. Then, when the flag goes down the music starts again at 5:20...the song that plays at 5:20 is NOT "The Last Race". I'm listening to it now and watching the race at the same time on the computer. The music that plays during the race doesn't have the guitar twang that "The Final Race" has all through it, and the bass is different. It has a completely different sound, sounding more like a techno club song.

**EDIT 1** I have seen elsewhere that the "itunes version" of Top Gear has some slight soundtrack changes. I do believe the Netflix and Itunes are the same version, could this be the case???

**EDIT 2** Just tracked down a streaming version online (which was recording from the tv) and...the music IS different, bollocks. So, now everyone who watches this is on Netflix, iTunes, or whatever service and comes on here looking for the music...it won't match. And, I really liked and wanted to find the "new" music, too. :(
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This listing contains music from the original BBC broadcast version,
all other versions (Dave, Youtube, TopGear.com, et al) have replaced music.
If you are looking for music from these alternate versions, most of it can be
found by going to: www.extrememusic.com.
List is now complete.

03:34 - 03:50 - ? MP3 Sample
05:46 - 06:05 - ? MP3 Sample
07:56 - 08:08 - ? MP3 Sample

03:34 - 03:50 - Hans Zimmer, Martin Tillman & Trevor Morris - Shelter Mountain
05:46 - 06:05 - Paul Haslinger - Lab Discoveries
07:56 - 08:03 - Fred Szymanski - Mound People
08:01 - 08:08 - Stewart Winter & Joseph Saba - Pavlovian Death Knell
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