[12x04] November 23rd, 2008

it is correct, you heard not the original BBC broadcast, but a repeat or something put online, they both use different music then the original broad cast. this is because of licensiung issues.
we list only the original broadcsast versions.

the majority of the music in replaced episodes comes from www.extrememusic.com
The very first track is definetely NOT Jeffrey Taylor & Ned Rifle - Opening. Just listen THIS

starting on 0:26. It's two absolutely different tracks! PLEASE, who knows the REAL name of track, RESPONSE! THX
16:34 - 16:35 - Flavio Lemelle - Remains Unsolved
44:16 - 44:17 - David Fisher - Bad Dreams
44:17 - 44:19 - Joseph Saba & Stewart Winter - Eventophile