[12x06] December 7th, 2008

01:24 - 01:53 - Electrelane - U.O.R
02:56 - 03:03 - Saba/Winter - Fear Infusion (production-only)
31:50 - 32:05 - Hans Zimmer - The Way of the Sword
32:05 - 32:15 - Danny Elfman - Hellboy II Titles

49:35 - 49:38 -- You know, I think that might be a sampling from the last bit of Randy Edelman's opening track for Gettysburg.
That doesn't match up either.
It is so generic that it could be from almost any action score or perhaps a sound library like Directors Cuts.
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Communist Car Invasion:
20:14 - 20:34

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Thought someone would have got this by now, so - OK a real long shot, but it may help.

The sound effect reminds me of the film ?War of the Worlds? (1953) ? the scene in which Gene Barry, the hero and the woman are in a wrecked house and the Aliens send in a probe TV thing. I?ve seen the same scene in the 2005 Tom Cruise re-make and have an impression that the same or similar type sound effect was used.

I?m probably 100% wrong, but it does sound like a Sci-fi effect.
This is correct is it not? It's not in the original list.
That is the correct title of the tune/melody, but what needs to be posted is the title of the recording. I'm working on confirming but i'm 99% certain it is "Across the Valleys and the Mountains" by Red Star Red Army Chorus.
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33:08 - 33:23 - Red Star Red Army Chorus - Patriotic Song
34:57 - 35:09 - Red Star Red Army Chorus - Across the Valleys and the Mountains
Not The Postal Service

Not The Postal Service

When I first heard the song that was introducing the Veritas, I immediately got on google to find out the song's title. The post says it's The Postal Service but I promise that it's not. From 3:03 to 3:26 there is a melody with a lot of delay and it beautiful, but not Such Great Heights. Any other ideas?
Can anyine help with locating this song: Saba/Winter - Fear Infusion. Btw what does production-only mean? Thanks
29:03 - 29:09 = God Save the Queen/King (British National Anthem)
Don't know who sings this particular one, could be anyone as is the way with national anthems.
need to know

need to know

any one know the song at 52:47 - 53:00 ? i need this!
The best song and biggest headache of the season..

The best song and biggest headache of the season..

29:10 - 29:42 - "Hans Zimmer - Let the Dead Get In" is US version (I think). I have seen the replays of this episode in UK version (on TV) and this track I just can't forget cause it is not "Hans Zimmer - Let the Dead Get In". "UK" version I have trimmed for you to take a quick look and if there is a slight chance of someone in here to recognize what song that is - you will save me hundreds of hours of searching for it without hope to find.
I have placed the file in my server, I don't know if Administrator will be OK with this, but my intentions is just to save some time for person who is interested in giving me heads up.
Here are the details:
# FTP Username: guest@mozuras.lt
# Password: guest321
# FTP Server: ftp.mozuras.lt
# FTP Server Port: 21

Thank you! :)