[12x06] December 7th, 2008

Kettlehead found the album. It's "Eastern Promises OST" by Howard Shore.


32:29 - 32:42 Trans-Siberian Diary
33:23 - 33:59 Tatiana
36:29 - 36:56 Trans-Siberian Diary
53:05 - 53:11 - Hans Hammerschmid - Secret Affair
54:39 - 54:47 - Hans Hammerschmid - Secret Affair
28:19 - 28:25 - Blockhead - 7 Miles
28:42 - 28:48 - Blockhead - 7 Miles
55:00 - 55:02 - Hubert Deuringer - Sax Pot
50:22 - 50:37 - Flying Lotus - Melt!
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Good morning to all, I'm a newbie here so please bear with, during the communist cars segment there's a certain song that plays when Clarkson is driving the Morris Marina, this is from the Top Gear (UK) version that airs on BBC America . Can anybody help me identify this song?
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Resurrecting an old thread. I just happened to come across the Veritas RS3 review on youtube today (don't ask how I ended up there. Loooong story) I'm trying to find one of the song used in it. It starts at 2:55 in the video and replaces Fran?ois-Eudes Chanfraults - Heroes. I tried to shazam that song but god knows how many times I've tried and it cannot identify it. I can't get that song out of my head now. If someone can help, I would really appreciate it!
I've been meaning to join this site for like 12 years and finally did it to fill in the blank from the Communist Car segment...

29:56 - 30:02 - Tarentel - Tied To A Tree In A Jungle Of Mystery