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13th of August Online Race *2nd Race-Test League*


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May 29, 2004

Saturday 13th of August @ 7pm GMT 0:00 S2 FULL VERSION

Normal Racing:7PM GTM+00

League: 8PM GTM+00

Car: RB4 GT // GT-T // FX-O
Track: Aston Cadet
Laps: 25
Time: 25mins (avg laptime 0.55)
Starts: 8pm GMT +00

General Rules
  • You can only join if you are a serious racer. We are here for fun and we don't need childish wreckers.
  • You need a legal copy of the game. Demo will do for the first couple of races, almost everyone has the full version already. Later on we will be playing the full version online.^
  • If you keep fucking up the race, like forgetting to brake in every corner or anything like that. I'll kick your butt ;-)
Racing Rules
  • If you want to overtake the car in front of you, honk the horn once.
  • If you are being overtaken, go to the either side of the track. just don't be in the way.
  • If you want to let the person behind you know he can overtake you, use the double turn-signal and go to either side of the track.
    If you don't have turn-signals mapped, do it.
  • If you see a person behind you that is faster and wants to overtake, let him. Don't ignore him and think you can be faster.
    Turn on the blinker and let him pass. You may even want to slow down a bit so you two won't end up in a corner side by side.
  • Don't use other people as a guide-rail in corners. If you can't keep up, don't ruin it for them.
  • If someone accidently hits you and you end up in the grass, don't plan on revenge. Nobody is out to kill your fun.
  • Overtaking in corners is a thing you should decide for yourself, as long as you don't violate rule number 5 it's fine.
    Slower cars can take the corner wide so faster people can overtake on the inner side.
  • No alcohol is allowed.
  • If you think these rules are too much, just use COMMON SENSE.
  • Have fun!
jos the track is Aston Cadet this time :)

otherwise car and number of laps is the same, i.e. RB4 // GT-T // FX-O, Laps: 25
I really hope a lot of people will turn up this time, because so far noone has complained about aston cadett and those cars. And everyone is pretty good there as well, so hopefully more people and more challenging race :)
unfortunately I will not be able to make it because I'm going to be really racing in real life :p. Kart racing that is, I'm too cheap to get a real car and race that... unless you guys can *ahem* get me up at 7:00 in the morning PST and start the race uh... four hours earlier :p

anyway, the avg lap time is 59 (for me)
Got sick yesterday evening, since then its getting worse and worse in an exponential matter. :cry: Fever, headache, sharp stomach pains as if someone was trying to kill me with a knife....the whole package. Dunno if i will be able to race tomorrow in this condition, but i'll try to do my best.
pdanev said:
Fever, headache, sharp stomach pains as if someone was trying to kill me with a knife....the whole package.
:eek: That sounds familiar, where is the pain in your stomach located?
If it is on the low right side of your stomach, it could be your appendix (provided you haven't had it taken out yet).
In that case definitely see a doctor.

FYI, not sure I'll be there tomorrow either.
^ no, dont think its appendix. must be some kinda heavy virus, everyone in my house is ill :?
I'm 100% sure I can't attend. I'm working this weekend.
I just had my appendix removed a few weeks ago if you recall. I had those symptoms, except for the fever because mine wasn't infected that much, but that was one of the symptoms though
Okay... newbie question, what is the server name/IP?

Unfortunately, nobody's there right now. :cry: