[13x06] July 26th, 2009

so how is it called cause i am a bit lost ( so i can find it when its released ) ... two fingers , track ?
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no name yet, unreleased, read the thread!
Anyone know if the tune's been released yet? or if they've named it :D
The song at 5:37 is Sweden Rhythm by Two Fingers
you won't be able to listen to this song anywhere because it is being kept for a special event
I'm not sure (I've searched on google) there wasn't even a word about it, completly nothing. Where you got this information ?
I got the information of Dogsonacid.com
Amon and Tobin themselves said that this was the tracks name and that they've kept it for a special event.
The information is from an extremely good source, i spent a month looking for the name of the song as well. Only when i knew the answer did i post. =)
Damn. If this is true.. I hope this event is SOON :) I wonder what event it might be... any ideas?
Jeez! Why couldn't they put it out as a single? I'm quite sure they would make more of it then of that album they've got.
I'd go to ebay straight away and buy it!