[13x06] July 26th, 2009

so its called sweden rhythm...damn and i cannot find it or buy it from nowhere....!!@!!
They still don't have anything for Sweden Rhythm:(

If it was out I would buy it immediately.
51:10 - 51:58 Drums a Go-Go by Hollywood Persuaders from the Natural Born Killers soundtrack
no news about Sweden Rhythm?
hooray !!!!


Are you from Finalgear.com, by any chance? :)

We plan to release a new LP later this year. We can't guarantee exactly when it will get released, because we are still writing tracks for it and then we have to fit it into the release schedules and so on. Ideally, we would like to put it out late September/October, but as I say it might get pushed later than that. Sway wants to talk to us about working with him again too, so it's hard to say what form the LP (or LPs?) will finally take until we've talked to him properly, but we'll definitely make sure Sweden Rhythm is available in instrumental form given that so many people like it as it is.

The good news is that Sweden Rhythm will be on that LP!

Ninja Tune is preparing to release their 20th anniversary compilation "XX", and we've got a new instrumental on there too.

Thanks a lot for your interest, and we apologise for being so frustrating :)

- Doubleclick
Good stuff.

Let us know when you've got an official release date please.

...Vacre, you're all kinds of awesome my man. That's beautiful. I've been waiting for this since the episode first aired.

Christmas came early.
What is the song from 5:17 to 6:34 in the BBC America version? I know it's not the two fingers song but heavy riff rock song.