[13x07] August 2nd, 2009

[13x07] August 2nd, 2009

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Can't believe it's over already. :(

Love the supercharger whine. :cool:
The ute is the same car, Dicky

"You big daft cock."

I love it when Jezza and Jimmy are together.

James crosses out the minstrel joke. :lol:
Loses his arm. :lol:
"Boom headshot." :lol:
Pigeon. :lol:

God I hate Leno. He missed 2nd to last.

Long show... Vantage V12, beautiful cinematography. :cool:
Some very scripted bits, some very funny bits and some very odd bits.

Advert segment had me laughing out loud a few times inspite of it being at the very extremes of cocking about.

Cool wall was a little bit over the top.

Pie Key!

Aston segment had amazing cinematography but made little sense.
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best of the series in my book. I feel sad for recognising sniff petrol as the ad voiceovers.... (which were fucking hilarious)
After watching the Vantage, it almost felt as if they were signing off the series altogether.
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The ending was very interesting, makes you think.
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When Clarkson says "This feels like an ending". I've got to say it got me thinking what he actually meant. Was it just an ending for this series. Or perhaps the end entirely. Hmmmm
The Vantage film was kind of like the end of topgear.... But It isn't because Jeremy said that Schumacher is available because he doesn't need to test cars untill novemeber...
It's a worry isn't it, it was quite a distinct film, like a Top Gear version of "fin".

yup, the music, the scenery. what Clarkson said about the current situation, it had the feeling that the series was reaching its final moments.
After watching the Vantage, it almost felt as if they were signing off the series altogether.

That's the exact feeling I got, the music seemed to set the tone for the whole bit, I had goosebumps expecting Jeremy to say 'And on that bombshell, this will be the last episode' or something like that...

God, I hope I'm wrong...
I haven't laughed that much during an episode in a long time. And that Aston clip was absolutely amazing.

I hope they're not canceling the show... You get a sense of that during the last clip
That Vantage film killed me.....

I can't say anymore than that
The use of the track "An ending" by Brian Eno was quite clever.

That track makes anything amazing!

Like others have said though, it did make me think that maybe that's it for Top Gear! Though that blog article suggests otherwise!
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