[13x07] August 2nd, 2009

[13x07] August 2nd, 2009

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The Vantage part really did just hit me.........

It was just awesome in my oppinion.

But we know that it has not ended, May said about filming more series about a month ago anyway, and that blog linked also mentions it.
Amazing cinematography on the Vantage piece. I'd have also thought that could be it for TG, given the tone. The music is also titled 'an ending' which made me think. Nice to read that blog post though.

Didn't think much of the ep other than the Vantage. Just on that piece of filming alone though, it made up for the rest of its failings in my books. Wish we'd seen what Clarkson was about to say about the new Range Rover though, as I work for them. :D
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Well...that's one hell of an ending....:cry:

The Bathurst review at the start, loved the "Steak and Kidney lock opener" comment :lol:

The Ute was...interesting...

The news seg. was pretty good, liked the well wishing to Massa, and Richard talking about his injuries, etc.
And in fairness, we had to laugh at the "annoying little..." *sorry forgot the rest of it :blush:* comments.

The Scirocco ads were just fucking brilliant, loved the funeral, the "crow", and the random explosion at the end, and the suicide one, while it was morbidly funny...the complaints are going to go off the fucking hook tonight...

The Cool Wall (finally!) was good, the Z4, I was kind of disappointed it's in Uncool, I love that thing!! Richard coming out in that crane, and being stuck there till the end of the show, and Jezza putting up all his pictures in Seriously Uncool was hilarious. :lol: I thought he would have put up the "Dogtagnion" picture though...

Jay Leno...honestly, I wasn't really listening to him :blush:

And as I said before, that ending with the Vantage :cry:
The scenery, the sad, swansong music, the car, a very sombre Jezza, it was just beautiful!!!

10/10 for me, brilliant ending to the series.

You could definitely tell that they just thought "Last episode....FUCK IT!!", and just did whatever the hell they wanted, and it paid off, and THEN SOME!!
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Oh My God! That was without a doubt the single most epic endings there has ever been to a television programme. And it really did seem as though they were saying 'goodnight' for the final time, that is how all performance car reviews should be done.

Definitely the best episode of the series. At heart, I am a secret Australian, well part of my brain at least, so I absolutely loved the Bathurst and the HSV Maloo at the start. I also may have also previously been looking at how much it would cost to import one over here...

TV advert, cocking about which I actually enjoyed this series for some reason, it did actually make me laugh when Clarksons first advert was shown with the big explosion :lol:

Jay Leno, a guy who I do want to meet in my life just to talk cars with, or if not that, then at least just have a look through his car collection.

Back to the ending. Wow. :jawdrop:
Interesting take on the 'ending', i didnt think of it that way but it certainly was odd. As it happens though i know the top gear team will be filming at silverstone tomorrow, with paintballs, so thankfully its not the end.

Pie.....key! Brilliant!
Sorry to lower the tone after all these comments of how incredible the vantage sequence was but I missed part of it due to what can only be described as 'serious toilet needs' due to excess consumption of beer.
Anyway, a good episode. The ad bit was very funny, real sniff petrol type humour. Leno, a proper car person on the show for a change and I love the cool wall, I can't get enough of it (no matter how scripted it may be).
Oh dear. I didn't enjoy this one AT ALL. Infact, it was on a par with the dreaded Iceland Doom programme from way back.

I enjoyed Richard's Bathurst bit, but everything else, frankly, was crap.
The advert bit went on for way too long which ruined any slight amusement which was in it. The news was too short. The cool wall lacked it's usual comedy. The Jay Leno bit should have been MUCH longer - what a wasted opportunity. The man is a proper Petrol Head, not there selling anything. I would have preferred no Scirocco bit, and all that time used for Leno. As for the Aston bit, the scenary was pretty and the engine noise fabulous. That's all I can say about it. The Aston itself was like an Armani suit with HiTec trainers - the bonnet work is horrid, but it wasn't a car review in any way. I just didn't understand why it was there unless it was to signify an end. I hope they do much better next series, because if this is the way things are going I'd rather they gave it a quiet funeral. And that's from one of the biggest Top Gear fans you'll ever meet.
It was honestly, for me, like they are bored of it all and finding it hard work to actually enjoy what they are doing.

PS The Brough superior is a bike not a car.
The use of the track "An ending" by Brian Eno was quite clever.
Indeed, one of my favourite 'instumentals', if it can be described as such.

The VW ads were great, lmao all the way though, and the news was funny.

The end was very... final in many ways. Perhaps this really is the peak of automotive interest and cars will soon all be the same bland box, like Richard said about bussiness cars, they are all pretty much the same.

Hope its not the end of TG, although it was an odd ending, even for the series finale...
After watching the Vantage, it almost felt as if they were signing off the series altogether.

That how i felt.
They did not say they would be back later in the year like they normally do?
Just seen the blog so it will be back but i wonder what will happen after 14x7
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As Wilman pointed out after season 12, the last episode in recent times tends to be not as good as they hope with most of the 'good stuff' gone, done and dusted, and like the last episode of S12, this never felt as if it really took off, so to speak.

The Holden reviews were short and cheerful but I was quite frankly looking forward to the airport vehicle racing more than a couple of Australian car that TG has said they like more than anything from Germany on more than one occasion already.

The Scirroco Adverts weren't what I would call dull, but it just seemed almost like it was filling in time, as was the Cool Wall in my opinion.

As for Jay Leno, no matter how big a car nut he is or how good he is a presenter, he doesn't seem to be the type to be interviewed himself. The little McLaren Story gave me a chuckle but aside from that, while it wasn't a throwaway interview, he wasn't, as Wilman is saying 'the best' guest.

I was a little worried as I saw how little time they had left and was worried that Leno would be the last thing which would have made me fly into a murderous rage, but I was hapy to see that they had an Aston at least once in this season. A very poignant ending that kind of came as a bit of (confusing) shock. I'm pretty sure they're not going to be closing TG down considering the amount of interest there is in the show, but like everyone's saying, it very much felt like that final video was 'the end'. Despite that, it had beautiful cinematography mixed with the wonderful music. No need for any 'in your face' or 'over the top' review from Clarkson (although it certainly wouldn't have been missed if they had decided not to go in this particular direction), just car, road, noise and that's it.

Here's to Season 14.
Top class episode, but the final segment genuinly made me cry!

Top Gear cannot end?? Its way too damn good!
Disappointed the Airport Vehicle segment didn't make it into the show actually. Might be used in the next season!
Bit of a strange episode.

Bathurst part was average Hammond review, entertaining but nothing special.

VW ads were excellent in my opinion: funny throughout, and never became boring.

Jay Leno was a great guest, with a scarily smooth lap; overall this series has had the best SIARPC's.

But the V12 bit I thought was weird and annoying, I couldn't work out where it was going, it didn't feel like Top Gear, and I didn't find it emotional at all, just an excuse for running out of time. I just wish they had cut out the news, made the Bathurst part shorter and given it a proper review or even saved it until S14.

Overall I haven't looked forward to Top Gear as much as usual this series, it's still great entertainment but it feels like it has past its peak (and not a single 10/10 :().
the aston martin thing god i was almost in tears lol it was so sad

ok so now we play the top gear waiting for next season game
The doubted engine sound sounded like it was from the ZR1 vette ep.

Shooting the speed cameras!!