[14x03] November 29th, 2009

[14x03] November 29th, 2009

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It just gets better and better. What a great episode! 10/10
The Flying Caravan was certainly an...uh...interesting section. Good to see they kept the crash in, and it was an original way to do a review of the Lambo. The only thing missing was a lap round the track. Kept me laughing though.

The Best cars in the world. Sure, Lancias might have a lot going for them, but only the Delta Integrale and the Stratos are good looking. Some very nice sounds during this part of the show, though. And also some wonderful shots, yet again from the TG camera crews.

The news was OK - great to see Jesus again :lol:, and Chris Evans was pretty good - he seemed very fast. And good to see the return of overdoing it resulting in spins :p They didn't show any pictures of his Ferraris, though - they do look good in white.

The kit Lancia-thats-not-actually-a-Lancia segment was very nice. Plenty of action, interest and noise giving an all round pleasant viewing experience. Very good [second] lap too.

Overall as an episode, they've really thrown out the format issues, and have had a decent spread of things. I never felt let down by their layout of the episode. And definitely not by the content. 10/10.
9/10. Excellent after the truly rubbish episode last week.

You have a nice spread of silliness - juxtaposing the Balboni review against the airship was inspired and made for a fantastic 10 minutes of television. The airship stunt itself was truly glorious, beautiful in HD. A round of applause for that.

Lancia section was a nice touch - Lancia aren't covered much in the UK. Good mix of humour, info, and stunning landscapes.

SIARPC was better than normal, although the Evans is trying to hide his gingerness unsuccessfully.

And the kit car was a good laugh, too. I was expecting the review to be rather mean and one-sided, but it came off fairly well.

All in all, congratulations, Top Gear. Back to your usual self. :)
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i gave the two other episodes a 10.
But this one an 8. It felt somewhere a little bit shorter than the other ones. I mean, after the powerlap, jeremy ended and it was " WHat? NOw? Already!!! buuhuuu! "

Loved the gallardo and caravan part! Hats off for james! The stratos part was great and superb sounding. It was a great episode. Chris evans was a good guest star but i liked the other ones much more. (too much blabla about his ferrari's).
A 10 from me, absolutely brilliant. James getting dragged along a field in a caravan, Gallardo, Lancias, a great guest and a good power test of a great (looking) car. Other than the lap I don't feel there's anywhere they could've improved.
The airship was fun, but like all the fun stuff they do now was stretched out a bit much, spoiling the review of the Lambo. I can only guess that they were unable to do a lap of the Lambo which would be faster than an older Gallardo, sort of defeating the object of featuring a special lightweight, more powerful variant due to the weather. The standard 4WD will obviously murder the RWD model in the wet !

The news was a bit flat, and they need to forget any future 'Jesus' bits unless in the filming they are hilarious.

They could have talked a bit more about the other companies 'great cars' before allowing it to lead into the Lancia wet dream, which again, seemed to drag on. I did enjoy the Lancia-ish reprise with that kit-car hilarious to watch in the hands of Stiggy, when it worked.

Chris Evans was yet another true petrolhead guest, which is always preferable to some disinterested plugger (yes, I know he got a little plug too). Not the most riveting discourse between them, but OK.

So, yet another episode with just the one review, and AGAIN that review was for a ?100k+ porn car. Yes, it's one of the reasons we've always watched car shows, but not the only reason. I still want more realistic content, and so will award this show another 6. Average at best.

Oh, and just for Speedtouch.....Evans cars
9 for me - news and Chris Evans was good. The airship was not quite there IMHO - only shortfall. The Morris Marina - brilliant loved it.

Comes with ready fitted piano!

Anyone admit buying a Beta? I knew someone with one once - it was in the 1980s. Oh and someone with an HPE - tidy car that - rusts too though, but not as badly as the Beta.
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A solid 9 from me. Airship was funny just a shame we didn't get a lap with the Lambo. Greatest cars, hilariously funny and spectacularly awesome in equal measure. Words cannot describe how badly I want a Delta after watching that. Chris Evans, well, I'm a Moyles man so I won't get to experience his radio show but he's a proper petrolhead and that's good enough for me. I was lucky enough to see all his white ferraris and this years GFoS. Finally, the stigs lap. Absolutely heroic. A very good episode this week.
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Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. Ford was right, they knew it, I knew it, and I don't even rate fords.

...apart from that - great episode. Loved the airship/lambo combination, and I really think they have a point!
9/10 from me.

VAST improvement from last week.
I liked the caravan film, the Lambo was pretty sweet looking, and the ending with James being dragged across the field was hilarious.

The news segment was much better, I :lol:'d at the story about the woman who had the baby in the Kia
"If you are in labour in a Kia...FOR GOD'S SAKE GET OUT!!!" :lol:

Loooved the Lancia segment. Richard and Jeremy just chatting away while the car they were driving is falling apart, and the "race" with the pre-pianoed Marina.

Chris Evans was a good guest, his lap was an entertaining watch. It's fun to see the mental ones tearing around the track

The Stig's lap in the Lancia at the end was just spectacular!!
Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. Ford was right, they knew it, I knew it, and I don't even rate fords.

...apart from that - great episode. Loved the airship/lambo combination, and I really think they have a point!

Psst..I think they were taking the piss
God, that was great :D Gulf pappa tango :D And I do kinda agree about Lancia..but they could also say the same for Ferrari if useing the same directives to what is great..

Some great cinematography again in the Delta Integrale bit...

10/10 for me ;)
Good solid episode and very enjoyable. Really enjoyed the caravan blimp (especially with it being introduced with a bit of Bond music). the return of the marina and its eventual end was predictable but still funny, just because the morris marina jihadists won't let it drop. Having been reading the 'best car company' thread all last week i wasn't surprised to see Ford at the top. The Lancia segment was fun and enjoyable with Hammond and Clarkson both behaving like 5 year olds which is them at their best.
I'm not a big Chris Evans fan but since i'm not a Chris Moyles or a Terry Wogan fan (thank god) i'm not really bothered either way. Although for his cars alone it was good to see another Car enthusiast on the show.
I'd give it a 8/10. more of a solid car show this week than last week, but for entertainment value i preferred last weeks show.
Dave reference?
gave it a 9, loved it.

Does anyone else think that Clarkson might've been taking it easy while driving the replica Stratos because of the notoriously tricky handling (due to the short wheelbase), and not because it was a kit car?
I guess this is the best TG we will get in its current format (no real focus on cars, maybe occasional with 1 episode per series).