[14x03] November 29th, 2009

[14x03] November 29th, 2009

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I loved this episode, the caravan-zepellin bit was fun, the news bit with Jesus too and the Lancia special was something else, seen such great cars like the 037, the Statos, the Delta Integrale....and the sound of the Fulvia, truly amazing!

A solid 9/10 for me, because i think for TG 10/10 it's just for the 1-hour special episodes like the Botswana or the Vietnam ones

PD: .......or now.......
Well this is all very interesting. Perhaps I wasn't in the right mood but to me that was in the worst 5 Top Gear episodes ever. Mediocre at best. Given other people's reactions I was tempted to put it down to my mood but watched Ep4 straight after and loved it.

Very odd.
This bit about the Lotus Lada is interesting, as well:
Hammond bore the pants off everyone talking about his dog and his girlfriend and told me I was one of the most cynical people he'd ever met and never spoke to me again all day! Not so much as a 'thank you'!

Seriously, everyone who has ever worked even close to film production knows that film crews are amounst the most cynical people who walk this earth. I don't know what this guy said to Hammond, but being called "one of the most cynical people ever" by someone working in TV must be the knighthood of being a cynic.

Apart from this: Even the TV personality Richard Hammond has three main interests: His cars, his dogs, his family. Why anyone would be taken by surprise by the fact that Hammond just won't shut up about Mindy, the kids and the dogs is beyond my understanding.
I don't get it, either. He's into his cars and dogs, and he practically worships the ground HIS WIFE Mindy and his daughters walk on.
Dont know if this is the right spot, but I cant download this episode. When I click on the 720p or 1080i rip links to bt-chat it says No Such Torrent. I can download the SD version, but I want the HD(720p) version of the episode. Any idea why it says the torrent doesn't exist?

EDIT: Just seen the front page post saying the links have been fixed. WOO! Downloading the episode now :D
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I really liked that lamborghini Balboni bit. That car is pretty classy and I love how it's RWD. Balboni...what a ledge.