[15x04] July 18th, 2010

[15x04] July 18th, 2010

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:blink: I say Jezza, Dicky and Jimmy!!! Which is fucking close.

TG 'comedy' ruins it again.
'No single sex groups?' :lol:
Great guest.
We used to have a 504.
Has no-one told Jezza the C'eed is red?

Last 15 minutes ruined, yet again by TG 'comedy'.
Convertible Review
This is how it should be done.
Great camerawork (as always), sensible explaining bits by Jeremy and a lovely James May double.
Awesome dirft into finish by the Audi.

Fun to watch

For the most part it felt quite natural and James' laughter is just priceless. I could do without the extreme "falling over" parts but thats Top Gear.

Overall on par with last weeks Episode and I'd rate it 8.5
Well as far as Silly Bugger Time goes I enjoyed it, but it was inevitable that it wouldn't end without something catastrophic happening. I'm obviously biased towards one of the campers but thought they were all genuinely good. Guest was good even though I watched another interview on another show that was pretty much the same apart from the camper and car talk.

Convertibles were good too, I am I right in thinking that Jeremy once said when the R8 was V8 only that even though Audi owns Lamborghini that they would never put a Lambo V10 the R8? I'd but the Audi.

Nothing special but worth watching again.
I enjoyed it the Camping Trip was priceless, Andy Garcia was an interesting guest let it continue in the same vein.
Well, i gave it a 4 (just for the convertible review)

The convertible segment wasn't bad at all, very enjoyable indeed. No problems with the SIARPC and the news either, but i must say the camping segment ruined the whole ep for me. The first part was OK, but you could see the fire coming when they first mentioned the word 'cooking'; Just as with the camper falling of the cliff when they arrived at them. We've seen the fire-thing a few years back and it wasn't really that fun then either. It wouldn't hurt to think of something new to destroy them instead of just burning one.

Lets hope next weeks show has something better in store.
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Some good lol worthy material. RV segment was a bit predictable, but I still enjoyed it. Liked the convertible segment too. 9/10
5/10 I enjoyed the start of the caravan film but by the end I was bored.
Bet there is a fail story tomorrow about them polluting Cornwall by throwing a car off a cliff.
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All things considered, that was simply brilliant. Yes it's true that bits of it have been done before and there were some obvious setups, but it worked well as a whole and everything just seemed to fall into place. Literally :p
Convertible review was great, interesting conclusion from it.

news was good again because it was car news.

first part of the motorhomes was good, must have been absolutely terrifying for Jezza driving that thing. felt quite natural and funny.

SIARPC was ok, not a fan of the plugging that has come back, but i understand we cant have carnuts on each week, lap although had some errors had potential to be faster still.

second park of the motorhomes let the episode down for me. i was thinking that for once we'd have a big segment without the silly falling down scripted stuff, but unfortunately turned out to not be the case. wasnt quite as bad as the caravanning but the last 5-10mins really let it down.

7/10 for me
The Porsche and Audi convertible reviews were good. I enjoyed the camera work and everything about it.

I've been waiting for the motorhome episode since I saw the pictures in Top Gear magazine. It was good to start with, but seemed very scripted after a while... especially with the fire and everything. As soon as they pulled onto the cliff, I asumed at least one car would end up at the bottom of it. :/

I didn't see the SIARPC, so I guess I can't say anything about that

The News was good too, but Jeremy is a traitor for watching the football! XD Glad to see they couldn't play the vuvezulas XD

Like the current series of Fifth Gear, this series of Top Gear improves with each episode. The last 15 minutes were not as painful as last week's, even if it contained recycled gags.

My favorite of the current series and another 8.5 which I again am bumping up to a 9. I know I'm being generous (I really should be picking "8" for this series), but this has been the best series since 12 so I'm feeling generous.
Really enjoyed that - my favourite of the series so far - by a long way. I watched most of the review at 12x speed as it was pretty much the same as most reviews - look here's a car that goes fast - although the hair bit was fun.

News was pretty good, star was ok but the motorhomes was brilliant - love that. I don't mind them descending into silliness as I think that's what makes Top Gear so good.
R8 vs. 911 was nice to look at and quite well done by Jeremy, but I still feel like they just try to shoehorn a car review into the start of every episode without really thinking about it to try and make sure they still have some connection with cars. I don't think the reviews are as exciting as they used to be if i'm honest but are still entertaining.

Guest was not bad, but I wish they would get smaller stars who are more into cars or the show than just inserting a relatively generic interview with a hollywood actor who wants to plug something and doesn't care that much.

Motorhome film was relatively terrible: they've done this style of segment to death and it isn't getting any funnier or imaginative. They don't try and make their vehicles particularly effective (bar James) just 'funny'.
I feel like if this was Top Gear's first series it would be horrendously criticised for it's forced humour: spontaneous comments and natural charisma lifted Top Gear from being just a motoring show, but forced calamities combined with mediocre acting and scripting is just never going to get near the comedy element of earlier series'.

Fifth gear could push citroens off of cliffs and it would be nearly as funny, when Top Gear is funny it's not just because of what happens but because of the genuine reactions of presenters when it does.

But, the car side of Top Gear and some of the jokes are still entertaining-it just feels more like light entertainment rather than the epic entertainment that it used to.
i couldnt stop laughing! 10 out of 10

p.s james in a moncler jacket? finally he became stylish :D
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Pretty good episode overall. The R8 vs 91 Turbo was great with some nice effects and camera work.

Andy Garcia seems like a relativley good guest, good lap too. And finally, a Hollwood celeb without a Prius.

Caravans were good too. Glad to see that all the places they went too, i've been too. Polzeath is pretty much down the road from me. The big bridge they went over was at Wadebridge. I also saw a sign for Camelford, my home town :D.

8/10 overall, Garcia could have been better if he wasn't plugging anything.
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The last 15 minutes were shit. Before that I watched it cos it was decent entertainment.
If it wasn't for the SIARPC I would have given it a 9, but I really really don't like it when they show trailers from upcoming movies. There must be so many more interesting people who would be thrilled to have the opportunity to give it a go. Andy Garcia wasn't one of them. :(

But apart from that, I thought it was a brilliant episode. Hurrah for Jezza to support the Dutch team. I knew he has been wearing that orange shirt for a reason! :D

Of course the camping was very scripted, but who cares. It was very funny. And I think that James' design could actually work. Apart from the bog, that is. :mrgreen:
There's always one flaw in every episode from this series and the flaw is always the same thing, which happens to be the lack of seriousness. I mean yes, the Motorhome wasn't supposed to be taken seriously, but if they didn't plan all the stuff, it wouldn't have to be fake comedy. Oh god, I sound like a troll now.

But I did enjoy the review and the news and I didn't watch the SIARPC because I couldn't be bothered and wouldn't have time to, but I thought the Motorhome was pretty good and enjoyable for the majority of it, 7/10 from me.