[15x04] July 18th, 2010

[15x04] July 18th, 2010

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Not sure if anyone else noticed this, but it looks like one of the Vietnam shirts made its return...



(Sorry for the pause logo fail)
good episode except for the camping. they should have cut something like 5 minutes worth of unfunny/repeated stuff and it would have been much better.
Ok just to correct some people here... TG is not a car show, its a motoring show. Thats how Jezza has ALWAYS defined it, so anything with an engine has a place. I would be ecstatic to see more airplanes thrown in to races, as I'm a plane lover myself. But you must understand there's only a finite things you can say about cars no matter how new they are, they're still cars. The basic components are the same since the 50s. A big boot is always a big boot and there are not many ways to say it. Sooner or later you sound repetitive, so they're trying to mix it out a little bit more, get out of cars do other things.
The amphibious cars are in the same league as the motorhomes and I thought it was quite funny. Or the limos. Give it a chance. If you go into it thinking "Omg here comes another scripted sucky episode" then that's what its gonna be for sure.
I think we can all agree Top Gear has shaped itself into what it is now throughout the years and the way it's referred as to now is the "Poky motoring show" (dunno what poky means in british english or if I'm spelling it correctly)
pokey=small/insignificant (i have always assumed)

Edit: just saw your other post so: motoring show=car show in this case. its the same thing, end of story. really just a different term

so, 'this pokey little motoring show" = "this insignificant little show about cars" or something to that effect
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I thought it was decent. The Audi/Porsche review was entertaining. I was excited that there was a sequel to the Caravan Holiday since the original Caravan Holiday was one of my favorite episodes of all time. However I was kind of disappointed. I still laughed though at certain points. Jeremy eating Ice Cream at the end made me lol. 7 out of 10.

Some of you who didn't like the episode seem extremely angry. Like you want the show to be taken off the air then you want go out and slaughter a goat or something, Jesus. Calm down, they can't all be winners.
so, 'this pokey little motoring show" = "this insignificant little show about cars" or something to that effect

So that's why we've had tractors, airplanes, boats, bikes, bicycles, trains, trucks, amphibious cars, hovercrafts...

I think everything that has an engine has a potential place in TG, and rightly so.... there's only so much you can say about cars.
My opinion this episode was 6. Not bad, but not as good as the top gear have to.

Anybody know what jacket James May was wearing? That brown and red in the caravan part?
Anyone know where one can get a beanie like the one Richard Hammond had on during the camping?
The one with the norwegian flag on it.
Did anyone else notice the blue/white VW bay window camper van in the background every time they stopped on a filling station?
To be honest, the caravan bit was quite good the first couple times I viewed it. James laughter at Jezza's rig actually led me to take a knee I was laughing so fucking hard!

It was interesting to me to see the Andy Garcia interview, because they are generally different than the "starmill" interviews one generally gets from late night or tmz style news.
I think Top Gear's scripted moments of cocking about are quite acceptable when they're well directed and the concepts are fresh, and the motorhome segment mostly lived up to that. The fire scene was a retread, but the shot of Clarkson cooking with the fire raging in the background was nicely done--whoever directed this episode made good use of background space in staging. And I don't think enough praise has been given to the beautifully stupid designs of those crazy motorhomes. You knew from the moment that Clarkson's three-story monster showed up that it would get toppled and spectacularly destroyed, so complaining about predictability is besides the point. Those gags were too priceless not to pull. This might rankle some car nuts out there, but Top Gear is one of the few places on TV you can still see truly physical comedy, the sort involving the great mechanical props Buster Keaton used to toy with, and I like the show for providing an outlet for that, even if a few po-faced anoraks get pissed off. Does the comedy always work? No, as shown in the more forced scenes from the India special, but here it mostly does.
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