[15x04] July 18th, 2010

[15x04] July 18th, 2010

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I might get some flak for this, but I miss the good old challenges, like the Mitsubishi vs. BMW vs. Jaaaag. And I miss genuine reactions.


They could include the cocking about, stupid challenges and whatever. If the guys just were themselves throughout it all, then TG might have a shot at survival.
Even I liked this episode. :eek:

I think having a guest I enjoyed had a lot to do with it.
I'll give it an 8 -- much better than ep 3, even if it was scripted. (I suspect my score would have been lower if I hadn't seen episode 3.

What saved the motor caravan segment, for me, was the staging. Putting Hammond's "van fire" and the Citroen's rollover in the background was very reminiscent of Blake Edwards' Pink Panther films, where the primary actors (but not the audience) were unaware of the action going on. A classic trick, when done well, and it was done well here.

SIARPC, well, it's on a par with Tom Jones, right?

Road test? I liked it, really; pretty girl was a good idea, mainly because they don't use it very often. Really should have stuck with the vuvuzela music, though.

I will note that no commentary was made whatsoever about the infamous YouTube video. Pity, that; I'm sure it could've added something. I also note that no one took a turn round the track in the Robin, which is also a pity.

Incidentally, a question: is there no such thing, in Britain, as pickup campers?
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I think having a guest I enjoyed had a lot to do with it.


Usually having some BBC newsreader sort of spoils it for me, but Andy Garcia is a genuinely nice chap, who is always great in interviews and has done some amazing work in most of his films.

How come Jonathan Ross always has good guests and almost none of them come to see The Track...
Yeah, OK, it would be nice to have some genuine car stuff, but the last 2 minutes pretty much made up for it :lol:
Fine then. Goodbye to this forum. I want my account deleted.

If I can't express my opinion on this show without getting trashed, then it isn't worth the trouble.

Why are you being such a child about this? It's a pretty simple statement. Don't like it? Don't watch it.

Most every episode isn't perfect. I was going to give this one a 7. But, I'm giving it a 10 because the girl during the Porsche/Audi comparison nearly made me fall out of my chair she's so beautiful.
I will note that no commentary was made whatsoever about the infamous YouTube video. Pity, that; I'm sure it could've added something.

They already did acknowledge the FaceTube video by using it as the Season 15 trailer, whether they made the video themselves or not...
I gave it an 8. I liked the Audi vs Porsche bit, and I'm a sucker for a pretty, squealing blonde. Who is that chick? Andy Garcia was OK, kind of boring, but at least I knew who he was. The end bit was sort of meh.
A decent episode. I'd be very happy if this was the worst of the series. Andy Garcia's mustache is epic and it was one of the best news segments. Considering we've literally seen 911vR8 before I felt it wasn't that good. Clarkson with 911s are predictable reviews.

So the motorhomes. Not as good as I thought it would have been. Why can't the 3-way project challenges be more like the old ones when you felt they tried as oppose to being ridiculous. Although Hammond's erect-a-house was great. While you knew at least one of the cars were going over the cliff as soon as they showed up, actually seeing Jeremy's condo on wheels go over was satisfying.
I was literally laughing out loud when Jeremy was eating his ice cream and his motor home was slowly approaching the edge of the cliff! :lol:

Great episode. Nice comparison with the 911 and R8 (and the blond as well), news was good, guest was good, and the motor home segment was funny as hell, even if it was predictable.

There's always one flaw in every episode from this series and the flaw is always the same thing, which happens to be the lack of seriousness. I mean yes, the Motorhome wasn't supposed to be taken seriously, but if they didn't plan all the stuff, it wouldn't have to be fake comedy. Oh god, I sound like a troll now.
The only problem with that is that if they don't plan or fix anything, then what you end up with might be too boring (for the masses, that is).

I'll give a 7/10. Decent review (love the girl's hair!), average SIARPC, and a decent comedy challenge. I was perhaps a little miffed at the fire happening again, although the sight of Richard running around in the background was quite funny.
All of you giving 9/10 and 10/10 are idiots.

Nice; calling people idiots for having a sense of humour and/or being in a good enough mood to enjoy proper Sunday night entertainment. :rolleyes:

Go keep being depressed and watch Fifth Gear.
4 out of 10 for me.

The first segment was great and had the rest been somewhat good then it would have been an 8 of 10.
But the caravan thing was stupid and just boring.
The guest was almost boring.

First 3 shows gave me hope that maybe just maybe the good old Top Gear is back.
But this episode reminded me of the last few seasons.
Absolute shit.

Hopefully this was the worst show for this season and the rest are back to old Top gear standards.
What happened to flipping a robin? that was a good joke they had going every week.

Im kinda sick of the r8, didn't need to see a review of the spyder version, it's exactly the same as the coupe... I would've rather seen them review the new 550i they showed instead.

where has the cool wall gone off to again??????

6/10 from me... not the best IMO.
3/10. Liked the beginning of the motorhome, and the bobbing in the wind, that was genuinly funny. The fire, sheep, wet suit and the oh so predictable cliff(hanger) sucked majorly. Garcia is not very interesting, the 911 vs R8 was meh and I dont even remember what they talked about in the news. I also liked TG better when Hammond was arguing with Jessa, providing mr Clarksons ego with some balancing stabs, not sucking up to him as he seems to be doing of late.
Enjoyed it, They sort of lost it when they threw the Citroen at the end. But it was nice, 8/10.
@ the stig music selection: Well it wasn't J-pop but it's still in my library.And we got rid of the vuvuzelas.
There seems to be such a massive delta between the smart/mature car enthusiast-related content that they used to produce (and are still sometimes capable of producing), and the Top Ground Gear Force stuff that they've been injecting into the show for the past few years. It's like two completely separate shows in terms of tone and intelligence. If it's gotten to the point where they feel they need to warn their viewers on their website that a segment is going to be "silly" (ie. dumb), you would think that'd be a hint it's time to just pick a direction for the show and go with it.
Better than I thought it would be.
R8 vs. 911 was excellent. Beautiful cars and I'm continually impressed by Jeremy turning another comparo-test into something fresh and entertaining. News was great, as was Andy Garcia as the guest. Caravaning part deux was good for many laughs. Great episode!