[15x04] July 18th, 2010

[15x04] July 18th, 2010

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The ending ruined the episode. :mad:
Dude, it's been 4 years since Series 8. If it's so awful you can always not watch it, apparently it's not going to be changing - 4 years! - so you're not going to like it again. I mean, there are lots of series' I've seen where I thought they got worse after a certain season. Did I sit and complain on message boards four years later? No!

They are still capable of producing good TV, and actually still follow through on occasion. There certainly have been great episodes and segments since series 7 that have made the show worth continuing to watch, although that doesn't mean they somehow get a criticism-free ride when they make what I'd deem to be dumb segments. At some point, yes, it will probably come to a point where the positives become so few and seldom that the negatives will make it no longer worth my time. Until then I'll continue to comment and critique as everyone else does.
The Porsche and Audi convertible reviews were good. I enjoyed the camera work and everything about it.

I've been waiting for the motorhome episode since I saw the pictures in Top Gear magazine. It was good to start with, but seemed very scripted after a while... especially with the fire and everything. As soon as they pulled onto the cliff, I asumed at least one car would end up at the bottom of it. :/

I didn't see the SIARPC, so I guess I can't say anything about that

The News was good too, but Jeremy is a traitor for watching the football! XD Glad to see they couldn't play the vuvezulas XD


its got to be scripted though.... without, chances are they'd of gone to a field in Cornwall where nothing happened and people would then moan about that too. cant win. i wouldn't want to do Wilman + the production crews job, i really wouldnt.
Oi all! Delayed reaction, as today I was embroiled in all sorts of manual labour. My hands/back hurts. I need a massage, and a cute boy to administer it, ASAP.

8/10 from me, with more of a review - and, knowing me, thirteen squillion Demotivators/1001 Uses - tomorrow. Enjoyed it, but it wasn't the strongest episode. To me.

Am noticing that people are becoming increasingly heated and a bit personal in stating their feelings/reactions towards others' opinions on the eps. This, on one hand, is pretty brilliant; proves TG enthusiasts care that much to get upset at what they are (or aren't) seeing in an ep of one of their favourite shows. But...name calling? Minimizing others' feelings? Etc? Not too cool. If you think it deserves a 1/10 or a 10/10, then good on you, it's your right. I might disagree, but then who the hell am I? We're all just peeps with opinions. And I respect ALL the opinions I read here.

But, wish most could:
1) agree that agreeing to disagree is a glorious virtue;
2) REALLY come to terms with the fact that the show can't be all things to all people, EVER;
3) realize that the production team is NOT, anyway, going out of its way to court a specific audience (as has been said in numerous articles and interviews, most recently in Radio Times, methinks) and;
4) get that what we 500ish weekly forum poll voters think, on average, pales monumentally as compared to the millions who watch the show weekly (and DON'T post here or vote in the poll). If the show truly blew as hard as some of you think it is and these millions concurred, ratings would plummet, Factual execs would have a cow, and new strategies would be hatched forthwith. If the show were truly a 10/10 weekly, the numbers would be MUCH higher than they are now. Sounds silly to say it, but we're truly not the target audience here; the ones BBC Two needs are the weekly tuner-inners who'll watch, enjoy and not overthink/nitpick, nor gush to the point of blindness. Casual, yet faithful return viewers.

I was also pissed that they, earlier this week, seemed to feel the need to "apologize" for the forthcoming silliness. Pissed that they felt they had to. Make the show you want to make, and don't be fucking apologetic about it. Just...no.
its got to be scripted though.... without, chances are they'd of gone to a field in Cornwall where nothing happened and people would then moan about that too. cant win. i wouldn't want to do Wilman + the production crews job, i really wouldnt.

Scripting is fine, but it's like CGI or breast implants. When done properly, you shouldn't even suspect it. :p
Fucking awful.

Audi vs Porsche, seen that a million times. And Jezza spelling out every frickin' point he makes? Does he take us for idiots?

News was boring.

SIARPC was kinda cool, enjoyed that part.

Oh but what the fuck, what the horrendous bloody ass of all fuckatrons was the big idea with the mobile homes?

"Hey guess what. We built some crap. And here they are. Oh look at that, Richard built something stupid. Oh no. Now it's on fire." How bloody original. I'll rather watch the old episodes than watch crappy remakes of old episodes, thank you.

The point where I decided to turn off VLC was when TG resorted to cheaper than cheap shit-humour with sheep and James. But I thought since there was only a few minutes left, I'd have to watch it to the end. When they approached that cliff though, I thought something was gonna roll down it. And surprise surprise, something rolled down the cliff. And it seems Jeremy was genuinely surprised as well. And will he be mighty pissed at Richard and James for doing that? Oh yes he was! Double jeopardy for me, I guess.

James put it better than I ever could: "We've completely wasted your evening."

Yawn. But hey, I'm glad Fifth Gear is doing well.


All of you giving 9/10 and 10/10 are idiots.

Then bloody cancel it already. If BBC weren't publicly funded, these three would probably be doing their own shows by now.

just stop watching mate.... it'll clearly do your health and well being a lot of good
The good, the bad and the ugly.....

The good:
News - one of the funniest in a while. It all seemed much more natural than it has of late, more like they were just sitting around and chatting than trying to deliver scripted jokes.
SIARPC - thought Andy Garcia was a genuinely witty and interesting guy and I was even able to forgive the shameless plug. Thought he'd have been quicker.
Audi vs Porsche - like it when they do head to head stuff like this, and that poor girl's reaction while JC was chucking the cars about was fun to watch, however that then brings me on to....

The bad:
Surely 140mph on the track would have messed up her hair enough without having to backcomb the life out of it and fill it with product to get the effect? And even if it wasn't there was no need to go that far with it. Insulting to the intelligence rather like.....

The ugly:
The entire motorhome film. Rockets straight into my personal top three most embarrassing TG films ever alongside the Ground Force special and ?1500 police cars.

4/10 and only that for the news and the guest. Not one I shall be re-watching in a hurry and I'm keeping my fingers crossed this is merely a blip in what has otherwise been a much better series so far than the last two or three.
Scripting is fine, but it's like CGI or breast implants. When done properly, you shouldn't even suspect it. :p

This. I have no problem with the show being scripted, of course it needs some pre-planned structure to work properly but why do they have to go overboard?

For example the bit where Hammond was trying to set up his mobile house. Why can't the script say for example "Richard, try to set up the house as you see fit and let's see what happens"? What I saw looked like the script told specifically what he was supposed to do, how to mess up and how to react. It makes him look like a total idiot and it's too awkward to make me even slightly amused or entertained.
i must say something for everyone to consider here and its something that the long time fans have been saying to the skeptics on here for a long time now. this is a show about car guys driving cars and talking about them. they do crazy stuff and act like idiots and i can now say first hand that this is what speaks to the everyday person. My brothers GF watched her first 2 eppisodes last weekend, i showed her the Africa special and the one with the R8 vs richards Porsche and she said she like the show because they brought it down to her level. she said she could understand what they were saying to her. it wasnt to smart, it was nice to see the fun they were having. she is now a fan after just 2 eppisodes. to me, that speaks a ton towards the relevence of this show. i feel that(as we have said on here a million times) if you want serious and factual then watch fifth gear but if you want to have fun and learn a few stupid facts about how NOT to build an RV (caravan) then watch Top Gear.

exactly, factual car stuff is for the Dilberts of this world, and last i checked and from what people in government/industry keep saying...Dilberts are in short supply. so Dilberts aren't the target audience if you need figures.

Dilberts understand torque vectoring diffs and active engine mounts and that a BMW 1 series is RWD.... everyone else couldnt give a rats so long as it looks pretty, is fast and expensive enough to show off.

all the factual, engineeringy stuff, in everything we have today is taken for granted. people cant see wood for the trees and they just dont care for it as long as what ever it is does what they want. it makes sense to leave the most of the factual stuff at the door if it cant be worked in in a non-boring way.

My girlfriends the same, im an engineer and i understand how all these things work and while she sometimes asks how stuff works, i know she gets bored by the answer and switches off. With TG in its current state both me and my GF can sit and be happy watching it together. she doesnt have to go off and find a laptop to watch a re-run of dr who! hahaha

im a bit embarressed in real life about being an engineer... alot of the time when people ask i tell them im something else...like a sports scientist or that i do something businessy. if i tell them im a mechanical engineer i then have to spend the next 30minutes explaining how that is different from kevin webster off of coronation street or how i wont be able to come round and fix your toilet or boiler.

i want people to be less ignorant about it, and for it to be a bit more cool.... but loading programs up with the facts just makes them dreary. at least this way, while it will never tell the whole story, it might at least do just enough to spark some more interest in engineering. and to a bigger audience to boot.
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"That's because, Jeremy, the bus said Guildford on the front and that's where I wanted to go."

I'm not too embarrassed to say I've done that.
There seems to be such a massive delta between the smart/mature car enthusiast-related content that they used to produce (and are still sometimes capable of producing), and the Top Ground Gear Force stuff that they've been injecting into the show for the past few years. It's like two completely separate shows in terms of tone and intelligence. If it's gotten to the point where they feel they need to warn their viewers on their website that a segment is going to be "silly" (ie. dumb), you would think that'd be a hint it's time to just pick a direction for the show and go with it.

Well, I think they are making a show they find fun to make. They have been doing it for what? 8 years now? NOTING is the same now as it was 8 years ago. (or even 5 years ago) I have noticed even things I really used to like to do have fallen off a bit. I only found TG 5 years ago, but because of sites like this I was able to catch up. Has every show been brilliant? NO. But there is not a single show that I have not enjoyed.

The guys are older too and speaking from experience, things change.

I give this show a 9 after watching twice. It was an 8 after the first viewing.

If I was left disapointed after every show, I would quit watching. It is what it is and I still like it.

I personally feel sorry for the ones that can't enjoy the show given to you because I doubt there is anything you do enjoy watcing if you think TG is such a dog.

There are only a few shows I like and I could not tell you when they are on. I watch them on the network web sites. I can't even think of any names right now except 2 1/2 Men (but I will watch anything Charlie Sheen is in) but I know them when I see the name or I pick the DVD up when I see it in the store. I have to keep a list of what I buy because i can not remember what I already have so I have bought the same thing more than once. But I bet you I can tell you what TG episodes I have.

I am on holiday right now, but where I am living, I have no tv, and no internet, and I really have not missed it, but when I knew TG was about to start again, I had to find a way to see it. Even took my holiday so I would be able to see a few shows in case I could not figure out a way to see it where I live. (I was able to, One of the doctors lets me come to his house and get it, but what I am doing is technically illegal so I don't push my luck and I haven't exactly told him what I am doing)

Anyway TG makes me happy and the only thing I am sad about is it is on so few times a year.
Based on the episodes this season I think they've got it much better than last. The inevitable cocking about, blowing things up, settings things on fire is fine in moderation and I think they're a lot close to moderation this time than last. After all if we'd watched that for the first time and never seen any of the previous episodes it would be pretty damned funny.

I guess that's why we all like the epic episodes so much, they get put in environments we've never seen them before so no one knows what's going to happen and how the humour will come out.

Genuinely I think they've got it right with this season, as long as they don't have too many of the 40-50 minute cocking episodes like this week and plenty of the three men in interesting cars segments like the first half of last week I'll be very happy.

And I do appreciate this weeks Caravan setting things on fire ep, it's a bit like the piano falling on the morris marina, I'm sure lots of people hate that but I think it's a good running gag.
How the hell did they get bits of Jeremy's crap caravan back up from those cliffs?!

I can see where the 'too much scripting' people are coming from, but I'm too busy laughing :) I would gladly watch the 3 idiots watch grass grow.
"That's because, Jeremy, the bus said Guildford on the front and that's where I wanted to go."

I think that sums up James completely. I watched a video on Youtube of him on his commute and he admitted that he doesn't know the way but uses landmarks to know where to go. Which is one way of doing it I suppose.

Sorry for the slight off-topicness.
How the hell did they get bits of Jeremy's crap caravan back up from those cliffs?!

I can see where the 'too much scripting' people are coming from, but I'm too busy laughing :) I would gladly watch the 3 idiots watch grass grow.

It would be easy to retrieve the car(avan) if you have a big enough boat with a crane on board.

Presumably they didn't tell Jeremy what was going to happen to his vehicle because he's probably not a good enough actor to keep a straight face? :lol: (It certainly made me laugh out loud regardless - his deadpan expression certainly did the job!)
I was in the optimists group, but sadly I have to admit I was wrong. Now I just hope that there is only one episode like this in the current series.

The best part SIARPC and that sums it all. Andy look like a really nice guy.

R8 vs 911 - what more can you tell about these cars? I turned out that nothing. There wasn't any real news in the news. Yes, we all have internet but since it's called "the news" it would be nice to hear their opinions about the current motoring news. Motorhomes - I think everything was already said here so I'll just +1 to what Mineworksfine wrote.

I understand that there will be one ep like this in a series for some group of viewers, but one is enough.
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Until yesterday, series 15 was a surprising return to old form for TG. This episode however seemed to drag on and felt somewhat forced. Review was ok, but focused too much on sillyness. Showing the effects of 500+ hp on one's hairdo in a ragtop is funny for a single gag (and they've done it time and again on TG), but building almost the entire review around it, is uninspired. Also: Why no final verdict on the cars? ("which one would you buy?").

Andy Garcia seems like a nice dude (and I love his work as an actor), but he didn't really have any interesting stories to tell. Pretty boring segment.

The caravaning-bit felt like a rehash of a few other features of the past ("camping holiday" meets "buying a car for an 18-year-old" meets "amphibious car challenge"). I can't believe they re-used the cooking- and the fire-gags and the ending was pretty predictable. Could've been much funnier if they had included the actual building process and if they had cut its running time down by 50%. All in all it was nowhere near as good as, say, the sports-saloons-in-Germany-challenge.

However: Overall, I'm very pleased with the current series and have high hopes for the next episodes.